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Global Automotive Operating Systems Market, Forecast to 2025

Android and Linux OS to Challenge Incumbent QNX Leadership Position by 2020
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Published: 31 Jan 2019

This study analyses the strategies, competitive landscape, business models, and future focus areas of OEMs, tier I suppliers, and security start-up companies in the automotive operating systems market. It studies the trends and preference towards the adoption of various operating systems by different OEMs. It also assesses the capabilities of key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the automotive operating systems space and their approach to providing infotainment services. It also features key automotive supplier profiles with highlights about their position in terms of automotive operating system solutions, company partners, products, map suppliers, and customers. The research lists the potential market opportunities for participants in the global automotive operating systems space and strategic imperatives for market participants. This study also provides key conclusions and recommendations based on the current value chain dynamics. Partnerships and collaborations are playing a vital role for OEMs, as they lack the necessary capabilities within the organisation. Companies are proactively identifying ways to ensure strong operating system mechanisms in their next generation connected vehicles through partnerships. The automotive operating systems market is nascent and is currently in its experimental phase. Connected cars are the primary use cases of automotive operating systems. With the growing need for security in connected vehicles, industry participants (tier I suppliers, technology providers, semiconductor companies, and security start-up companies) are expected to increase market investments towards secured operating systems. Secured operating systems will remain a key concern in the coming years and OEMs have to aggressively engage and partner with ecosystem participants to ensure a holistic approach across the automotive value chain. The confluence of technological trends like penetration of infotainment systems in mass-market passenger vehicle segments and rising digitisation solutions with augmented reality, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, 3D maps, and smartphone mirroring systems will propel the market. Tier I suppliers will continue with the trend of start-up acquisition strategy to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Pure-play operating system start-up companies will intensify market competition through OEM partnerships and continuous product innovations.



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