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M&A, Investment Trends and Opportunities in the Global Mobility Space, 2017

Globally more than 50 Buyouts Over the Last Two Years and Over $35 Billion Invested in 2017 in Shared Mobility
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Published: 7 May 2018

The global shared mobility market has been expanding at a tremendous pace. With growing demand for shared mobility business models over the last few years, the overall market has paved way for numerous innovative startups in this space. Shared mobility has not only provided solutions to tackle growing congestion and pollution in cities, but has also successfully offered more economical and convenient methods of commute for the everyday traveler. While it has been realized that shared mobility is the future of transportation globally, efforts to sustain and grow toward the shared mobility vision has never been so strong. With technology playing a vital role in bringing about this revolution, traditional automotive companies, and transport operators have seen technology companies take advantage of this huge opportunity to enter the market. Investments, mergers and acquisitions have played a major role as the shared mobility industry now pushes for further innovation and growth.



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