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European Carsharing Technologies Market, Forecast to 2022

Market Opportunity for Technology Providers to Expand Beyond $700 Million by 2022
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Published: 6 Aug 2018

Over the years, Carsharing technology has evolved from simple manual systems to increasingly complex computer-based systems. There are now a wide range of technology service providers offering solutions, from factory installed to aftermarket, to Carsharing operators. Currently, more than 15 technology providers cater specifically to the Carsharing market offering operators a faster time-to-market. The base analysis for this research study has focused on the European Carsharing Technology Market. More than 20 interviews were conducted over the phone by senior consultants/industry analysts with original equipment suppliers, regulatory authorities, and distributors. Primary research has accounted for 80% of the total research. The countries were selected on the basis of shared mobility services and technology solutions being currently offered. The aim of this study is to analyze the Carsharing technology market and to provide an overview of the types of providers, key market drivers, and emerging trends. Advances in vehicle sharing technologies are among the biggest drivers for these new mobility models, with connectivity playing a big role in making them more convenient for customers. Data analytics are used to predict the timing and location of demand spikes to ensure more effective rebalancing of the fleet. In some cases, customers are incentivized to drop off cars in specific locations. In the future, Frost & Sullivan expects that RFID technology will be slowly replaced by the latest technologies like NFC and BLE. Automated parking (Car2go experimenting with Bosch and Benz) and semi-autonomous driving solutions will open up additional use cases for Carsharing operators. Factors like rapid urbanization, increasing Gen Y population, and penetration rate of smartphones will be a big driver for the vehicle sharing market. Aftermarket Carsharing technology providers would expand their local presence in the region to take advantage of the growing demand.



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