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Innovative Business Models in Automotive Finance and Insurance, Forecast to 2025

Fintech Growth in Finance and Insurance Expected to Boost New Car Loan and UBI Policy Volumes by 2025
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Published: 20 Dec 2018

The 24/7 connectivity and instant gratification are transforming the way we operate and automotive F&I is no exception to that. Automotive manufacturers, financial institutions, and technology companies are realizing the numerous advantages of integrating millennial-centric solutions and payment options for insurance and finance; fundamentally changing their business models to match the demand of millennial. The auto F&I industry is optimizing its processes, reducing operational costs, making processes faster and secure, and improving the customer experience by going digital. Various mobile applications and Websites for vehicle finance are providing personalized consulting services, resulting in customers taking informed decisions related to the total loan amount and EMI. Banks have understood the importance of the auto finance business in their balance sheets and are developing automated lending solutions either by themselves or through collaborations with fintech startups. JP Morgan Chase, Ally Financial Inc., and PNC bank are among the proactive banks to partner with fintech firms for improved digital customer offerings in auto finance. The auto insurance industry is also following the digitization wave with telematics powered UBI models. Start-ups with their digital solutions are disrupting the traditional business models with On-demand insurance. UBI has become a mainstream model for insurers and the F&I divisions of OEMs, as over 250 telematics programs are launched globally. On-demand economy including car-sharing, ride-sharing, and integrated mobility requires new kinds of insurance and dynamic business models. With telematics companies foraying in, the UBI carriers are ready for UBI 2.0 revolution. Fintech such as Cuvva, By miles, Snapsheet are revolutionizing the auto insurance with the online application, processing, and claim settlement solutions. In an effort to stay ahead of the disruption curve, it is imperative for participants to adapt to the technology-driven processes and focus on customer experience throughout. Innovations around the business model by creating customer touch points are vital to sustaining in the age of digitization.



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