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Connected Truck

Connected Truck

Title Published
Hyperloop: Ushering In The 4th Dimension Of Travel 20 May 2019
Synergies between Automakers and Technology Start-ups to Galvanize Global Connected Car Market 16 May 2019
Global Transportation and Logistics Industry Outlook, 2019
Increased Demand for Integrated Supply Chain, Adoption of Digital Technologies in Freight and Warehouse Management, Innovations in Urban Logistics and Last-mile Delivery Solutions Will Drive Logistics Industry Growth to 3.8% in 2019
13 May 2019
Global Autonomous Driving (AD) Industry Outlook, 2019
1 in 4 Cars Sold (18 Million) Globally is Expected to be Automated (L3 and Above) by 2030, with L4 Driving the Growth of Ownership
09 May 2019
Global Connected Fleet Telematics Outlook, 2019
Upshot of Digitisation, along with an Expanding Array of Value-added Integrations, likely to Push Global Installed Base to Over 33 Million in 2019
02 May 2019
Global Diesel Engine Technology Roadmap for Heavy-Duty Trucks
Despite the Push for Electric Vehicles, Diesel Propulsion is Likely to Account for 77.3% of HD Truck Sales in 2030. Upcoming Regulations in Developing Countries providing strong Opportunities for OEMs
25 Apr 2019
Frost & Sullivan Report on Growth Opportunities and the Impact of Connected & Automated Vehicles to the UK's Economy
23 Apr 2019
Global Medium-Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook, 2019
2019 to be a Defining Year for the Evolution of New Business Models Around Electric Trucks and Digital Services
12 Apr 2019
Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market Opportunity Analysis, 2017–2025
Alternate Powertrain Truck Sales Including Natural Gas (NG) and Electric Vehicle (xEV) to Reach 925,000 Units in 2025
11 Apr 2019
Transformative Impact of Autonomous Driving on Global Heavy-duty Truck Market
~8,000 Level 4 Autonomous Trucks are Expected by 2025 Globally, Yet Regulations and Liability Framework Remain a Major Challenge
02 Apr 2019

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