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The Industry taking Innovative Measures to Protect the Electric Grid via Reducing Lead Time for Power Transformer

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Grid These days disruption is not just limited to the influx of digitalization of the grid but also being observed in the traditional brick and mortar side of the industry. Power transformer, which are by far the most critical and expensive component on the grid is under intense scrutiny. This started back in ...

Digital Grid –Tapping into the Next Generation of Customer Service for the Individual

-An analyst view on the recent Opower and Oracle acquisition announcement By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Frost & Sullivan As most are aware Oracle is not new to utility space. In fact, the company specializes in a wide variety of enterprise software such as meter data management, customer and demand side management, outage management, as we...

Lightfair 2016 Update: Connected lighting and lighting beyond illumination takes center stage

Technology innovation, design, education and interactivity-Lightifair 2016 combined all of this intensively with some 500+ exhibitors and a swarm of visitors throughout the last three days in San Diego, California. As I scouted through the many booths spread across six pavilions, including one that was wholly dedicated to building integration, the ...

Finally an LED light bulb for under $3..

Finally an LED light bulb for under $3…thanks to Osram Sylvannia as per their latest announcement this morning. When I wrote this blog back in Oct, 2013 about "Making LEDs affordable to the consumer,” a $3 LED lighting bulb from my local retailer seemed a very distant possibility:  ...

Underwater data centers...Microsoft's experimentation offers a new alternative

Experimentation with Heat Transfer Fluids and liquid immersion cooling has already come to mark the next big wave of technology innovation in data center cooling. Efficiencies gained in using liquid cooling, particularly water, is helping prove the business case for sustainable cooling strategies for data centers that are constantly embroiled in hi...

JCI announces acquisition of Tyco International - Building controls, energy management and IoT solutions from a one-stop shop is finally here

Johnson Controls Inc.’s (JCI) recently announced acquisition of Tyco International is the latest in strategic competitive moves that underpins a key mega trend defining several industry sectors at present: “Convergence of technology leads to convergence of competition.“ Technology convergence has been the cornerstone of the smart building technolog...

The Paris climate talks don’t matter

The Paris climate talks are in progress, with President Obama and 150 other world leaders hashing out their commitments to a sustainable energy future. As this highest-of-high profile meeting occurs, speculations on implications to the global economy come thick and fast, to which I propose to add my two cents. It doesn’t matter what political lead...


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