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Championing our Next Generation –To Create a More Resourceful World

An Analyst View of Itron Utility Week, 2015 By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant, E&E A couple of weeks ago I attended the annual Itron Utility Week, which was held in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. California was the perfect location to continue last year’s theme of resourceful innovation that tied in perfectly with California’s ...

Burglars 3.0: The tradeoff between smart homes and security

Smart and connected home technologies are developing quickly but also expanding the frontiers for cyber-crime in ways that may be hard to envision today. Can you imagine yourself offering a reward to recover control on your lighting system? In 10 years’ time smart homes will have become a reality for the average homeowner in most countries of the ...

Bringing Focus to the Consumer –Need for connected home solutions to incorporate human behavior analysis

The connected home brings up the image of a myriad of smart devices, applications and platforms addressing various lifestyle functions of the consumer. The quick proliferation of IoT has made this area notoriously synonymous with vast data streams and compiled intelligence in need of processing and analytics. While that conundrum in M2M communicati...

With Apple’s HomeKit Achieving a Smart Home is Just an App Away

On Monday June 8, 2015, at the company’s Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco Apple is expected to announce further details of its plans to make the iPhone the remote operating system for smart homes. Apple's smart home platform - HomeKit can now be controlled by an iOS device. With this announcement we can now look forward to ...

Will Tesla’s Powerwall be a game changer?

Elon Musk's launch of Powerwall has attracted very high interest and attention, perhaps the energy industry’s equivalent of what Steve Jobs achieved for his iPad launch.  But will this product be a real game changer, as an iPad or even an iPod? For the beginners, lithium ion battery technology and the product concept behind Powerwall, is not somet...

Branding and Trust Issues of Utilities over Retail

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Energy & Environment Traditionally a strong brand translates to instant recognition of a distinct offering or service from a particular company. If done right instant recognition can contribute positively to mind and market share gains. It can also support a customer’s decision to switch a provider or to stay w...

When you get hacked, you’re probably going to deserve it

                Every other week, some major corporation or government agency seems to be getting hacked. We beat our brows over the loss of personal data, and wail about those dastardly hackers and how could they do such a thing?!; then go log onto Netflix with the password “password”. Because how could I possibly be expected to remember anything ...


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