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Underwater data centers...Microsoft's experimentation offers a new alternative

Experimentation with Heat Transfer Fluids and liquid immersion cooling has already come to mark the next big wave of technology innovation in data center cooling. Efficiencies gained in using liquid cooling, particularly water, is helping prove the business case for sustainable cooling strategies for data centers that are constantly embroiled in hi...

JCI announces acquisition of Tyco International - Building controls, energy management and IoT solutions from a one-stop shop is finally here

Johnson Controls Inc.’s (JCI) recently announced acquisition of Tyco International is the latest in strategic competitive moves that underpins a key mega trend defining several industry sectors at present: “Convergence of technology leads to convergence of competition.“ Technology convergence has been the cornerstone of the smart building technolog...

The Paris climate talks don’t matter

The Paris climate talks are in progress, with President Obama and 150 other world leaders hashing out their commitments to a sustainable energy future. As this highest-of-high profile meeting occurs, speculations on implications to the global economy come thick and fast, to which I propose to add my two cents. It doesn’t matter what political lead...

The Slow Death of a Giant

Another blockbuster merger for the history books; Pfizer and Allergan will combine in the third largest takeover in history, a deal worth ~$160 billion. With combined annual revenue of $64 billion and market leading brands like Botox, Lyrica, and Viagara coming together under the same roof, this seems like a slam dunk. But my advice, to those of yo...

Championing our Next Generation –To Create a More Resourceful World

An Analyst View of Itron Utility Week, 2015 By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant, E&E A couple of weeks ago I attended the annual Itron Utility Week, which was held in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. California was the perfect location to continue last year’s theme of resourceful innovation that tied in perfectly with California’s ...

Burglars 3.0: The tradeoff between smart homes and security

Smart and connected home technologies are developing quickly but also expanding the frontiers for cyber-crime in ways that may be hard to envision today. Can you imagine yourself offering a reward to recover control on your lighting system? In 10 years’ time smart homes will have become a reality for the average homeowner in most countries of the ...

Bringing Focus to the Consumer –Need for connected home solutions to incorporate human behavior analysis

The connected home brings up the image of a myriad of smart devices, applications and platforms addressing various lifestyle functions of the consumer. The quick proliferation of IoT has made this area notoriously synonymous with vast data streams and compiled intelligence in need of processing and analytics. While that conundrum in M2M communicati...


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