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Quantum - The Biggest Development in Computing Since Computers

Big data is the buzzword for data sets too large and complex to be analyzed efficiently using conventional tools. The ability of humans to measure and analyze more and more of our surroundings has created opportunities for control and optimization never before imagined and created markets that serve the new need to understand and use these massive ...

Offshore Technology Conference 2014: Digital Transformation and Solution Innovation becomes the Unique Differentiation Factor

A bunch of analysts from Frost & Sullivan attended the yearly OTC event at Reliant Park in Houston. This is my second year to the event and nothing stops me from being pleasantly surprised once again. Clearly, a difference we saw was the force and the empowered solution-selling by all automation companies we met - ABB, Siemens, Yokogawa, Emerson Pr...

Alibaba’s US IPO - Don’t sell your Amazon stock just yet

The Chinese ecommerce titan, Alibaba, has planned an IPO that is all but guaranteed to be the financial event of the year. Valued at a whopping $168 billion, the sale of a 12% stake is estimated to raise $20.16 billion, making Alibaba’s the largest IPO ever, beating the current record holder, Visa, by $500 million, and Facebook’s much lauded IPO by...

Smarter Building Aid #ActOnClimate Initiative

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant As few of you may have noticed I finally upon some reluctance decided to jump the bandwagon and got myself a Twitter account @farahsaee (hint hint). Now with some few followers I can finally say, I know what hash tag means, including #ActOnClimate. This week the U.S. government took a step in the right directi...

Falling Sales and Promise of Emerging Markets Lead to Billion Dollar Acquisitions in Cash

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant This has been an exciting week in the energy sector as two major stories on acquisitions continue to develop. Exelon recently announced the agreement to purchase Pepco Holdings for $6.8 billion in cash and GE announced the intent to purchase Alstom for $13.5 billion in cash as well. Pepco acquisition is a remi...

Strategy on Wire

The 2008 documentary Man on Wire chronicles French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s legendary walk between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers shortly after their completion. Viewers lose themselves in Petit’s excitement, as he recounts (in dizzying detail) how he pulled off (and lived to tell of) “le coup.” The film happens to be on many “best o...

Post-Earth Day Resolution: To Marketize Environmental Decisions

Every Earth Day is a reminder of how far we have come in protecting the environment that keeps us alive in this “ultimate closed-loop system,” namely our planet.   But Earth Day also serves as a stark reminder of how far yet we have to go in removing the threats we have created to the survival of our species, and others. And, more seriously, how w...


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