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‘Doing the right thing’ - An insight to modified California smart lighting standards.

Sustainable communities and smart infrastructure have been buzzwords for the last few years. As strong supporters of smart infrastructure, we expect to see market growth in smart building systems and technologies. Construction companies with a focus on sustainable building are working towards 60% of revenue from green projects by 2020. In the evolu...

Tesla Motor's - Gigafactory - San Antonio - Is the city a right choice?

Since the news of Tesla Motor's plan to build a lithium-ion battery factory to support its electric vehicle initiatives there has been a push by different states to win them over. Each state is pushing hard to get Tesla to choose their city as this is likely to bring jobs, infrastructure growth, tax dollars and future investments to their states. O...

Havex malware infects source through watering hole attacks, targets ICS/SCADA systems in critical infrastructure.

Name: HAVEX Malware Target: ICS/SCADA systems across diverse industries Type: Watering hole attack - Trojanized software planted at solution providers website Region: Primarily Europe, but one site compromised is based out of California Who: Energetic Bear, active since August 2012 F-Secure, Finnish security research firm, posted on June 23rd,...

Grid Scale Energy Storage - A Growing Market

With the existing state of the grid and the need to upgrade power plants, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and renewable integration, energy storage is likely to play an important role in reducing large investments. Energy storage is an attractive market with strong prospects for growth. The figure below shows types of energy storage s...

Siemens Automation Summit - Part 1/3 - Re-organization around Industries

The automation summit by Siemens was a well attended event with many end-users cutting across process and discrete industries. Due to our schedules, we were not able to attend the key note by Anton Huber, President and CEO - Siemens Industry Automation. However, we attended many of the break-out sessions. Following is my 1/3 posting on its re-organ...

Smart technologies can’t replace humans - Plane crash caused by overreliance on autopilot

                Slow news days seem to be characterized by the blogosphere reaching into its bag of social-injustice-topics and gleefully ranting about whichever it blindly selects. On every fifth iteration or so of this charming cycle, in between politicians breaking the economy and the top ten blah-blah-blah, we get to hear about how the machines...

#OpPetrol June 2014 - Anonymous Group Exposes Potential Vulnerabilities, Scary Possibilities and Increased Threat Vector Possibilities

Details of the operation: Name: #OpPetrol 2014. Second attack of such sort after #OpPetrol 2013 ( A political group of Hacivists based predominantly in Middle East.  Threat Vector: Taregted attacks on websites of energy companies in the following regions. It is happening, as I write this post and could continue.  Probable ...


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