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Is Privacy Possible in a Smart City? Personal anonymity in The Internet of Things

Flash forward 20, 50, 100 years; whatever it takes for us to get to the Internet of Things. A fully realized integration of the physical environment with a virtual map that tracks, analyzes, predicts, and corrects our environment to optimize and personalize each individual’s experience every day. We will take as given the sensing equipment and data...

Why a non-neutral net is bad for absolutely everyone. Short term vs. long term thinking illustrated

Net neutrality guarantees the ability of all organizations to operate competitively on the Internet. Non-neutrality on the Internet allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to enter into contracts with companies or organizations to deliver their content preferentially. One example of this behavior is between Comcast and Netflix, who have entered in...

Siemens joins hands with Intel's McAfee to service industrial cyber-security market

Following up earlier post, where the industry saw the acquisition of Industrial Defender by Lockheed Martin, this announcement comes as a 'no-brainer'. As the cyber-security for critical infrastructure (CI) market starts seeing more growth and adoption, solution providers are aggressively looking to position themselves in order to effectively capit...

Raising Awareness about Energy Management Services

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant As the summer months approach, concerns about peak power load begin to set in for most utility companies Preparations for the worst case scenario are planned for all year long, but, as always, extra attention is required during the summertime due to high energy demand. To avoid running peak power generators, m...

What is The Internet of Things - An explanation

The Internet of Things is a digital map of a physical region. It could be a block, a neighborhood, a shopping center, or as grand as an entire city, country, or indeed the whole planet. This digital map relies on a capacity of the infrastructure of that region to gather data. This is accomplished through the liberal installation of sensors in build...

Why the NJ auto-dealers need to take Econ 101 - A fundamental misunderstanding of terms

                New Jersey has joined Arizona, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia in banning the direct sales of cars from manufacturer to consumer. This is in response to Tesla Motors growing success across the country, and the resulting backlash from dealers of gasoline powered cars.                 One argument often cited by proponents of indirect ...

Trouble for Putin - No good options as sanctions enacted

Before we delve into hypotheticals, let us focus on the facts. Ukraine elected Viktor Yanukovych in 2010, probably mostly legitimately. Yanukovych and his staff then stole somewhere on the order of seventy billion dollars of public money, dramatically increased presidential power, and harassed and imprisoned political rivals. Then in 2014, a large ...


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