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Lockheed Martin to acquire Industrial Defender - Industrial Cyber-security market heats up

Cyber-security was an unknown business driver a few years back. The recent attacks and the possibility of a 'cascading failure' due to cyber-attacks on networks and industrial control systems has made cyber-security a 'must-have' solution for systems security purposes. The market initially had niche and pure-play solution providers like Industrial ...

Cannibalize Yourself - Growing your business without fear

I speak with executives every day. That’s my job. And the job of the executives with whom I speak is to grow their business. After several hundred conversations with business-growers, I’ve noticed some patterns. One is the almost perfectly uniform fear of cannibalizing market share in existing product lines. Critical to the long-term growth of bus...

Following New York City explosion: The need for smart building systems and smart cities, for a safer more secure world

An explosion followed by the collapse of two Park Avenue buildings has gripped national media attention. The five-story buildings, 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue, were completely destroyed during the peak of morning rush hour, causing at least two deaths and over a dozen injuries. What is known at this point is that a resident of 1652 Park Avenue had co...

Everything I Know about Innovation I Learned from Old Movies

By a happy accident, I happened upon Casablanca on Turner Classic Movies this past Friday. This movie always makes me happy – the wonderful dialogue, the gorgeous black and white, the melodrama… it’s just the most stylized, and stylish, thing ever, and I just love it start to finish. You know what’s funny, though? That movie – however polished and...

We want to know: How do you get from here to there?

It’s March, which means that most of us have abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions. The primary reason seems to be our way of thinking. We know where we start, and we know where we want to end up, but most of the middle remains murky. So, armed with new running shoes (or Chantix or some fad diet), we embark on these endeavors, hoping that if we make...

Big data: do we really care?

An insight on the latest acquisition of Nest By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant for Energy and Environment at Frost & Sullivan Living in Silicon Valley, it is difficult to avoid the excitement surrounding innovation and IT technology. Everywhere you go you run into people working at CISCO, Google, Apple, investment firm, and the like. There is ...

"I Want to See What You Do"

Time for a secret: One of my favorite books is The Street Where I Live, by Alan Jay Lerner. It’s Lerner’s memoir of how he (in collaboration with Fritz Loewe) wrote My Fair Lady, Gigi, and Camelot (I really do love my golden age of musicals, I really do). I re-read it at least once a year. It’s beautifully written: funny, poignant, honest, and inc...


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