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WEFTEC 2013 Mobile App - What every analyst needs

With just a few hours remaining before the start of WEFTEC 2013 , the annual water quality technical exhibition and conference held by the Water Environment Federation (WEF).  Although I personally won't be attending this year, the event allows industry experts, regulatory personnel, and technology and process providers to showcase new and innovati...

Connected Home - What is delaying it

The concept of connected home has broadened over the last decade to encompass a variety of functionalities and applications that work inside a home to those that permeate beyond into the external communication environment. The incorporation of connectivity into existing automated or digital components changes the demand dynamics for connected home ...

Smart Cities-An intrinsic union of connectivity, sustainability and profitability

The concept of 'smart city' has become a central topic for a wide cross section of industry participants ranging from city administrators, technology vendors and infrastructure providers. While the momentum gained globally for setting up smart city projects is impressive, the challenges and pitfalls faced are equally immense, leading to critical qu...

Drinking water infrastructure spending - what the future holds?

The gap of time between 2013 and 2030 seems lengthy, but not in relation to the ongoing challenges related to water infrastructure needs in the U.S.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) recently released the results of their fifth Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey (EPA Survey Shows $384B Needed For Drinking Water Infrastruc...

Capturing The Smartphone Opportunity For Consumer M2M Applications

Blackberry and Google recently announced that the wireless communication protocol, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), will be included in their latest releases in Blackberry 10 and Android platforms respectively. The idea that BLE could become the dominant protocol for wireless communication particularly for establishing machine-to-machine applications w...

Private and Public Investments Foster Infrastructural Upgrades in Support of Smart Cities

By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant GIL 2013 Discusses the Progress of Smart Cities and its Market Implication Multiple terms and definitions have been used to describe smart city. However, motives for infrastructural change are no different from any other retrofit, which are essentially to improve performance, efficiency, and functionality of a...

Top reasons to attend WEFTEC 2013

By Eric Meliton, Industry Analyst - Energy & EnvironmentThe Water Environment Federation (WEF) hosts an annual water quality exhibition to showcase cutting edge water and wastewater treatment technologies, processes, and equipment, along with serving as an opportunity to network with industry peers. As the North American analyst for Frost & Sulliva...


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