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Vidyo Conferencing on a Mobile Handset? Really?

by James Brehm 14 Feb 2011
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I’ve often wondered “why in the world is there such a desire to have front-facing cameras in mobile handsets and tablets? Sure it would be nice to do a 2-way video call or a multi-person conference call, but is it practical? With problems like jitter, latency and difficulty of set-up, would I do it?” Until now, the answer is probably no; but my perception has been radically changed over the past 24 hours.

Last night at Showstoppers (an event held before the official start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona), I experienced just how easy it is to do a multi-person video call with high-def quality over a myriad of networks from different parts of Europe including the shared network of the Rey Juan Carlos I hotel and several different Wi-fi devices in the ballroom. Set-up was not an issue. Click a link and you’re there. There was no noticeable latency; holding the discussion was seamless. And the only jitter experienced was probably the shaking of my hands at the thought of really doing video conferences any time, anywhere, over any device and any network.

Congrats Vidyo. Let’s wait and see what other things you have up your sleeve this week.    

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