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T-Mobile takes a slice of Apple mania

While Apple commanded the world stage from San Francisco this week, T-Mobile USA was across town to launch its ‘Wi-Fi Un-leashed’ campaign. The scheduling clash with CTIA in Las Vegas (which T-Mobile CEO John Legere dismissed as ‘boring’) was unlikely to have been an oversight. What better way to highlight Apple’s ascent and superior relevance than...

The Home Depot gets itself hacked - The sorry state of cyber-security

                It seems that The Home Depot has fallen victim to the same kind of attack that had Target and eBay headlining the news earlier this year. While it is still too early to quantify the breach, estimates suggest that this event is more extensive than the 100 million-customer Target hack, which cost the company upwards of $400 million an...

“Customer Experience” Honored More in the Breach Than in Reality?

Focusing on the “Customer Experience” has become an “interesting” buzz phrase for several reasons: 1.  Isn’t it obvious that companies should satisfy customers in order to retain them and to generate repeat sales? Doesn’t it cost much more to keep existing buyers than to continually acquire new ones? Particularly in this slow-growth economy where ...

Introducing your new tablet and laptop- The Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 comes up as a very strong contender in hybrid devices category. Launched yesterday across 25 countries, the device aims to replace tablets and laptops. It offers very good processing power in its category despite a thin and light body. Aspect ratio (3:2) has been given due importance while building the bigger, sharper screen. The ...

M-commerce innovation shakes up Kenyan market

A very literal example of an OTT play is threatening to disrupt the Kenyan mobile market. The country’s leading retail bank plans to enhance its MVNO with an ultra-thin SIM offer that physically sits on top of the existing card in the phone. The option of a so-called ‘skin SIM’ is designed for customers who would typically swap SIMs to get the best...

HEVC resource compilation

Mostly since it's easier to send a URL to a blog post than to email large attachments, I'm compiling all my publicly released material on HEVC market analysis here. We update this material quarterly, including HEVC-enabled and HEVC-capable device shipment numbers, so if you need current data just send a note to your account manager or to me at avn...

Oracle adds ‘last mile’ customer service with TOA Technologies buy

Oracle’s plans to acquire TOA Technologies, as revealed last week, shines some light onto an overlooked aspect of digital services delivery that is nonetheless crucial for profitability. Field Service Management (FSM) perhaps lacks the glamour of the latest smartphones and the Internet of Everything. Yet it underpins efficient operations in logisti...


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