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The Cruelty of the Airlines’ Customer Experience

There is no better term than cruelty to explain how airlines have been treating its economy customers and favoring their first class patrons, in order to reduce costs and increase profits. Much like how the old steamship lines herded the “hoi polloi” into steerage, while lavishing comforts on the occupants of the sumptuous cabins. How else besides...

‘Vision 2,000,000 new customers’ campaign’s success elevates U Mobile to 7 million subscribers

December 15, 2014, U Mobile shared the news on its “Vision 2 million” campaign portal, confirming to have added 2.02 million new customers. As per the details shared, company achieved the target in just 89 days, implying that it added 22,700 subscribers everyday through the campaign period. As a feel-good gesture, it has announced to offer unlimit...

Clean Diesel: Marketing Nonsense or Viable Alternative?

When confronted with marketing of any kind, I find myself becoming increasingly skeptical. The incentive for misrepresenting the truth (i.e. lying) is massive, and repercussions seemingly nonexistent. This is particularly true in scenarios where a product or service has a very pervasive reputation and the provider of that product or service begins ...

Managing the Customer Shift to Online Channels

Customers are taking control of their relationships with companies, and that is having a profound impact on the Customer Experience. Customers want immediate, thorough, and successful omni-channel customer care. They use Web self-service, mobile apps, and social media before contacting customer service. When customers do reach out to companies, the...

NEC launch's UNIVERGE SV9000 Series

NEC released its newest UC solution, the UNIVERGE SV9000 series which is an update of its existing portfolio of SV8000 series. Similar to the SV8000 series, the SV9000 series comes in 3 variants, starting with SV9100 that is focused on SMB segment, the SV9300 that is focused on mid-market and finally SV9500 that is targeted at large and very large...

Connecting Customers to Connected Devices/Internet of Things

Each day more products and services are becoming connected to each other, to customers, and to employees. Appliances, equipment, furnaces, dimmers, thermostats, machinery, medical devices, earbuds, watches, and vehicles, to name just a few, transmit and receive important information and instructions in real-time over the Internet. Frost & Sullivan ...

Cisco Seeks to Compete More Squarely with Microsoft and Google

At Collaboration Summit this week, Cisco made a host of announcements sending a clear message – it is looking to simplify collaboration by changing how it innovates and brings its next generation products to market. Cisco is focused on removing the traditional barriers to meetings by eliminating the silos between audio, video and web conferencing t...


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