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The Whys (and Caveats) of Contact Center Outsourcers Leveraging Operations and Technologies as Services

Outsourcing of any kind is a notoriously highly competitive thin-margin business. Not surprisingly, outsourcers are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to grow their volumes, expand margins, and increase client loyalty. So it is not surprising that outsourcers are being urged to leverage contact center technologies with their clients t...

Improving Digital Advertising – the NinthDecimal Approach

Brand Challenges   Brand advertisers want to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, regardless of whether they are viewing content on their TVs, PC, tablets, or mobile phones. However, there are several barriers that exist today in the digital, multi-screen advertising marketplace. These include 1) barriers between dif...

The Stepped-Up Need to Immediately Uncover and Address Technology Risks

Safety and security have always been the afterthoughts of almost every technology innovation and deployment. As a result, innocent, and sometimes not-so innocent people, become injured or killed while operations are crippled when the “bad things” inevitably happen. Sadly, managements too often respond with denials, excuses, coverups, blamesmanship...

When you get hacked, you’re probably going to deserve it

                Every other week, some major corporation or government agency seems to be getting hacked. We beat our brows over the loss of personal data, and wail about those dastardly hackers and how could they do such a thing?!; then go log onto Netflix with the password “password”. Because how could I possibly be expected to remember anything ...

Exchange Your Office and Travel Budgets for Work at Home and Conferencing Solutions

‘Tis the season of many “happy” returns, of gifts that turn out to be less desirable, useful, and, or flawed. These gifts are then exchanged for more desirable items or for cold hard cash. It’s also the season of new calendar year budgets which contain items that fall into the same category; two of the biggest are offices and travel. Companies sho...

Make Providing a Superior Customer Experience Your New Year’s Resolution

Customers want immediate, thorough, and successful omni-channel customer care, and for a growing range of products and services. So why not make it your 2015 resolution to provide this excellent Customer Experience? Chances are you’ll be rewarded with greater customer loyalty, social media referrals, lowered costs, and greater profits. Customers t...

Consider the “Gift” of WebRTC for your Contact Center

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is the realizable future of contact center voice and video by allowing customers and agents to interact with each other through Web browsers: without specialized downloads. With WebRTC conversations are seamless, faster, and productive. Neither customers nor agents have to use separate phones for voice conversat...


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