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The Customer Journey - Top 5 Tips - How many of these are you doing?

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 customer experience executives at our 9th Annual Customer Contact Executive MindXchange in Copenhagen. On my way to the event I saw the following tweet by my favourite tweeter @MooseAllain, which made me chuckle: “People who wear those Bluetooth headsets should get a clip round the ear” B...

Empowering the Bottom of the Pyramid - A.G.E. drives T.I.D.E.

Transformative technologies are democratizing data accessibility, making it infinitely easier to deliver strategic insights to people who need it.  Navigating the data ocean can be tricky, but what will drive the next wave of transformation in manufacturing is the way prescriptive insights are provided to humans. Instead of humans adapting to machi...

Thoughts on Streaming Media East 2015

My high level takeaway from Streaming Media East was that the time for talking and garage-hacks is past, and everyone's getting down to serious business now. As we saw at CES, it's clear that the world is getting more connected, and there are more businesses and more applications capitalizing on that connectivity. What was once novel and geeky is n...

With Apple’s HomeKit Achieving a Smart Home is Just an App Away

On Monday June 8, 2015, at the company’s Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco Apple is expected to announce further details of its plans to make the iPhone the remote operating system for smart homes. Apple's smart home platform - HomeKit can now be controlled by an iOS device. With this announcement we can now look forward to ...

Cortana gives Microsoft a voice in mobile

Microsoft has announced that it will make its virtual assistant Cortana available as a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as on its own Windows Phone.  The app is designed to act as a mobile companion to the main application installed on the user’s PC. Cortana and its associated apps will initially be available for Android as part of a pre-re...

Security Concerns in an IP-connected Environment

Content protection has always been a top-of-mind priority for content companies. To date, the most protection energy has been focused on the end-user side, in terms of digital rights management (DRM), copy-protection and traitor-tracing. As workflows become digitized, however, and as speed and collaborative agility become critical competitive diffe...

athenahealth Acquires RazorInsights

In line with its strategy of “connecting care”, athenahealth has acquired RazorInsights, a vendor of cloud-based clinical and financial solutions for rural, critical access, and small community hospitals. With this acquisition, ATHN continues its foray into solutions for in-patient care, and extends its presence into the 50-bed-and-under inpatient ...


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