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Post-Earth Day Resolution: Start Charging For the Environment

Economists point out that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL). That goods are scarce; as more of them are consumed there will be less available. And that prices rise when supply shrinks. But the logic of TANSTAAFL, and supply and demand, are mistakenly not being applied to life-sustaining environmental goods: air, water, open sp...

Mural Proves the Value of Support Interaction Optimization (SIO)

As pointed out by Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison in her blog, support interaction optimization (SIO) is a new and powerful tool that helps companies improve their customer experience, lower costs, and measure the results. Case in point is Mural, a Portland, Oregon-based professional services company that specializes in cloud IT sa...

Rackspace – from the Open Cloud Company to the #1 Managed Cloud Company

Highlights from its recent Analyst Summit in Hong Kong The Rackspace Analyst Day was held in late March in Hong Kong, eight months after their change in the company direction: to focus on their core competency of managing cloud environments instead of competing in the infrastructure play. The service provider leveraged its strong in-house skill ...

Retail Product Protection: Optimizing the Customer Experience through Stability

Introduction Frost & Sullivan’s research indicates that roughly one in five retail customers that have purchased an electronics device or a major appliance are likely to have a problem with the product within the first 12 months. While retail protection programs cannot prevent a problem, they can certainly provide a defined path for consumers to r...

Nokia takes the helm at Alcatel-Lucent with EUR 15.6 billion buy

After years of on-off discussion and persistent industry speculation, Nokia has confirmed it will acquire Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), its rival in the telecom equipment business, for EUR 15.6 billion (a 28% premium for shareholders). Subject to regulatory approval, the all-paper deal is expected to close during the first half of 2016. The new Nokia Corp...

So Why Does Customer Service Stink?

Almost every day, it seems, there is another report on why enabling an excellent Customer Experience is vital for companies. Here are just a few examples of these albeit motherhood points they make: --Customers choosing to do business with businesses based on how they are treated. For example, the 2015 inContact Consumer Research Study revealed th...

Com WhatsApp, Facebook só reforça lema de que futuro é móvel

Published in O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, tablet edition, on February 22nd 2014 (acompanying analysis to news of Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp) Para o Facebook, o futuro é móvel. A empresa já deu indícios dessa visão antes, com a compra do Instagram em 2012 e a tentativa de aquisição do Snapchat no início deste ano, além de boa parte das ...


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