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Hype versus Substance: Getting Smart about Cloud-based Encoding

Published: 27 Sep 2017

Rising demand for online video consumption in multiple screens and multiple formats has led to a huge growth in video processing volumes. Consequently, content companies have to invest in expanding their infrastructure to adapt to the complexities posed by the fast changing dynamics of the video industry while keeping in mind reliability, scalability, speed and cost. Leveraging cloud-based transcoding solutions has always been an option met with apprehension from the service providers owing to the lack of clarity surrounding the various solutions available in the industry. Cloud solutions excel when they combine excellence in video technology, expertise in streaming to devices, and virtualized-first design paradigm. This whitepaper dispels some of the popular myths that have been plaguing the content companies in adopting cloud based transcoding systems and attempts to provide some clarity on parameters to be considered when evaluating different cloud based workflows.

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