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Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Network-based Advanced Malware Analysis (NAMA) Solutions Market, Forecast to 2021

Evolving Threats and the Need to Build Cyber Resiliency Driving the Market
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Published: 22 Feb 2018

The ANZ NAMA market registered a growth rate of 62.1% on a YoY basis in 2016, as enterprises in the region were keen to adopt the NAMA solution as a way to counter the rising threat of advanced malware, many of which were able to bypass traditional and legacy solutions. The increased provisioning of cloud-based NAMA services by vendors was another key growth contributor; in particular, the large number of SMBs in the ANZ region were attracted by the agility and affordability offered by such services. The 2016 ANZ NAMA market can be characterized by the strong uptake of cloud-based NAMA services among ANZ enterprises, which enabled it to overtake the on-premise solutions segment and become the leading market segment. The growing popularity of cloud-based services in the ANZ region is reflected by its impressive YoY growth rate of 81.3%, which has enabled the segment to capture 54.1% of the market share in 2016.



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