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Connected Home Consumer Perceptions Survey: Millennials Driving Demand

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Published: 31 Aug 2016

Stratecast’s 5th annual survey explores the dynamics of a connected home based on communication services, network, telemetry, and home entertainment. Stratecast took a different approach to displaying this year’s survey data, which focuses on conveying data through graphics so that busy decision makers can quickly understand the connected home market. In this year’s survey, Stratecast broke down the data based on three generations: millennials (18 – 35), Generation x (36 – 55), and baby boomers (56 - over 65) to show the different consumption habits of each generation. Some key trends found from this analysis include: --Millennials’ and baby boomers’ preferences for specific types of communication services. --Generation X’s level of interest in connected home technology and Internet of Things (IoT). --The millennial generation and Generation X, and their perceptions on cutting the cord. --Excitement levels about home health monitoring.


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