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Monetization: The Long Game for Network Operators

Legacy Systems and New Cloud-Native Business Management Solutions
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Published: 4 Aug 2017

Existing (legacy) systems cannot address the operations, orchestration and monetization requirements that the above-listed transformational initiatives bring to bear. New systems are the ultimate answer, but addressing the “legacy gap” left by existing systems cannot come from a mandate to rip and replace. Installed networks continue to rely on the legacy systems and business process environment to support customers. Besides, the time-to-market “tax” to make a bulk systems change-out is too great. A copasetic hybrid approach to the operations and monetization systems enhancement challenge is sorely needed, as long as hybrid networks are in use. This report outlines the current state of the legacy CSP systems, and what is needed to meet a growing list of new business requirements. The report also describes how these needs are satisfied by integrating new functionality into existing business processes and systems, as the CSP industry begins to adopt microservices-based business function architecture. Key Highlights: --What CSPs do Well: Still an Enviable Position --Historical Taxonomy of CSP Support Systems and Processes --Digital Transformation and Virtual Services Are the Next Challenge --A Partner Ecosystem for VNF License Management --The Customer Demand Challenge - Complexity is Winning --The Last Word


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