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The Expanding Role of Identity and Access: How a Chief Vulnerability Doubles as a Weapon against Data Breaches

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Published: 8 Dec 2017

Enterprises and their Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions providers, have begun to make system access and identity management a top priority. They have put online interactions on a path to a more secure future, which begins with an expanded and more balanced approach to IAM. This approach recognizes both the challenges and opportunities presented by cloud networking; and considers multi-level security, privacy protection, compliance, and customer engagement as essential components of the solution. This report explains why the IAM market has taken on such significance and how it is expanding in new directions. The report examines the drivers of change, and looks at how approaching identity management properly and consistently can lead to better business outcomes for enterprises. Finally, it shows how Stratecast views the functionality of IAM and its two sharply focused subgenres: Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM).


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