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Global CSP Monetization 2017 Edition Part 1: End-to-End CSP Monetization Market Drivers, Forecast, Market Share, Delivery Model, and Requirements Analysis

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Published: 13 Jul 2017

If 2016--the base year for our 2017 CSP monetization solution supplier market share and forecast assessment--saw some change from the status quo, 2017 and beyond will provide a much larger redirection in the way CSP monetization and business management solutions are purchased and used. This report is essential reading for not only understanding the primary business drivers of change, but also in determining how the status quo license model—tied to purchasing and implementing monetization and business management solutions—may be a strategy that is now falling short of CSP business needs and their customers’ expectations. Understanding the size of the global end-to-end monetization market, and what degree of market share each supplier of these capabilities presently garners, is further reason to make sure this report reaches your critical reading list in the days ahead.


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