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Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Healthcare

Sustainable Sourcing of Innovations from Emerging Markets is Critical for Sustainable Long-term Profitable Growth of Global Product Portfolios
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Published: 29 Sep 2017

The global healthcare industry is in need of solutions that augment providers with insights to make meaningful clinical decisions within less turnaround times, which is critical to demonstrating value of care. Artificial Intelligence has proven its utility in performing data-mining activities on large sets of patient and population health data, addressing vital gaps in automating the clinical workflow. Adoption of artificial intelligence technologies has reduced healthcare costs by 50%, while improving patient outcome by over 50%. Advanced analytic frameworks evaluate 'unstructured data', such as physician-entered notes, health statistics, clinical literature and radiology reports to deliver trends critical to improving the quality of healthcare. This research service (RS) offers a strategic perspective on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics on the global healthcare industry. This RS has been segmented into five chapters, with the first two focusing on analysis of the top trends from both technology and competitive perspectives. the third, fourth and fifth chapters focus on the global adoption landscape, reviewing the roles and strategies of both existing and emerging participants. Key questions answered by this research services (RS): 1. What are the major classes of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technologies? What are the sub-classification of technologies for various clinical applications by commercial attractiveness and intensity of patenting activities? 2. Who are the key stakeholders within the global healthcare industry, including medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms that are pioneering technology development initiatives for driving sustainable market growth efforts across potential markets? 3. What is the role of stakeholders across the value chain and their efforts towards development of technologies? 4. How has the global competitive landscape evolved over the past decade, especially with respect to those innovating artificial intelligence solutions for addressing needs faced by the global healthcare industry?



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