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Network security threats in the present day come from various directions. Today's network security challenges have ushered in new types of technologies, as well as novel ways of implementing older ones. In 2000, Frost & Sullivan accurately predicted a continued strengthening of the managed security services providers market (MSSP) even through its consolidation.

Title Published
Innovation in the Vulnerability Management Market: Secunia Delivers Essential Enterprise Features with its CSI 5.0 Release 16 Nov 2011
2011 North America; Customer Value Enhancement Award - Managed Security Service Providers 14 Nov 2011
Mobile VPN Products Market
Meeting the Wireless Security Challenge with an Emerging VPN for the Remote Worker
10 Nov 2011
Analysis of the SSL Certificate Market
Balancing Certificate Growth with  Declining Revenue Growth Rates and Trust
10 Nov 2011
Analysis of the Global Vulnerability Research Market 03 Oct 2011
Analysis of the Unified Threat Management Market and the Impact of Convergence
Sustaining High Growth in an Increasingly Competitive Market
28 Sep 2011
2011 North America; Product Line Strategy - Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Products 25 Aug 2011
Analysis of the Global Vulnerability Research Market 26 Jul 2011
Global Endpoint Security Products Market: Protecting the Last Line of Defense, the Endpoint from Emerging Threats 21 Jul 2011
World Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Products Market 21 Jul 2011

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