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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Information & Communication Technologies Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Customer Experience in Latin America, 2018
Moving Beyond Chatbots to Provide Seamless Customer Engagement
16 Feb 2018
Botmania Part 2 – Putting AI in its Place with Real-world Use Cases 30 Jan 2018
Latin American Contact Center Systems Market, Forecast to 2022
Addition of New Analytics Capabilities and WFO Applications Refresh Drive Modest Growth in the Market
10 Jan 2018
South African BPO Market, 2017
A Global Perspective on What Companies Need to Know to Survive in a Digital World
06 Dec 2017
Botmania Part 1 – AI in Customer Care is a Matter of Infusing, not Confusing 23 Oct 2017
End User Priorities for Customer Engagement, Global, 2018
Navigating Digital Transformation in Contact Centers
16 Oct 2017
Growth Opportunities in the European Customer Management BPO Market, Forecast to 2021
Actionable Strategies and Tactics to Accelerate Growth in a Transforming Market
27 Sep 2017
Growth Opportunities in the North American Contact Center Systems Market, Forecast to 2021
Still Under Cloudy Skies, System Sales See Recovery
25 Sep 2017
Growth Opportunities in the North American Hosted/Cloud Contact Center Market, Forecast to 2021
Enhanced WFO and Analytics Fuel the Drive to Digital Transformation of Customer Care
22 Sep 2017
Analysis of the Latin American Contact Center Outsourcing Services Market, Forecast to 2022
New Technologies and Increasing Customers´ Expectations Provide a New Window for Differentiation
12 Sep 2017

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