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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Digital Identification Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Global Securetech Market, 2018
The Security Space Appears to be an Exciting Area for Innovative Fintech Companies, Biometrics and Blockchain Technologies Already Provide Strong Value to Fintech Companies
17 Jan 2018
The Global Paytech Market, 2017: Driving Transaction Transformation
The Application of Enabling Technologies will Underpin the Delivery of Disruptive Payment Services to Customers
10 Nov 2017
Biometrics in Financial Services, Forecast to 2022
Advanced Biometric Solutions Create a Secure Environment for Financial Transactions and Boost Customer Experience
14 Sep 2017
In-vehicle Payments
An Innovative Approach Creates New Retail Avenues and Revenue Streams with Personalized Services
25 Oct 2016
Opportunities in Mobile Device Security
Strong Demand Will Rise From Fintech Companies Driven by the Need to Better Secured Hardware and Software Applications
17 Oct 2016
Use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to Enhance Privacy Protection and User Trust
Emergence of Blockchain a Potential Threat for PKI Market
30 Oct 2015
Global Certificates Market
The Road to Digital Signature
30 Sep 2015
Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Energy
Privacy Protection in a Smart Future
30 Sep 2015
Mobile Wallets—Amazon, Apple, and Google Seek the Winning Strategy
A Competitive Market with Tremendous Revenue Potential is Expected to Emerge
24 Sep 2015
From Internet of Things to Internet of Everything
A Promising Market for the Digital Identification Ecosystem
24 Sep 2015

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