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Title Published
Adding Value and Managing Change in Today’s Contact Center
Innovative solutions integrators (SIs) key to cloud, omnichannel, and IT management strategies
12 Sep 2014
Virtual Agents in the Latin American Market
Companies Win 3 Ways—Operational Costs Drop, Productivity Rises, and Customer Interaction Improves
20 Aug 2014
Work at Home Agents (WAHA) in the Latin American Market
Increased Productivity and Cost Reduction Attract Companies to this Growing Trend
19 Aug 2014
Enabling Productive Human Capital
New Methods and Tools Help Companies Cope With Changing Workforces, Work Environments, and Regulations
25 Jul 2014
Support for a Diverse IT Environment
Evolving IT Support—From the Service and Help Desk to Broader IT Management
14 Jul 2014
Benefits of Refreshing the IVR—Customers Speak Out
Interviewees Indicate that IVR is Not the Main Concern, but One Key Piece of a Bigger Picture
09 Jun 2014
Using Social Media in Disaster Planning and Response
Belmar, New Jersey’s Experiences during Hurricane Sandy Offers a Successful Example
08 May 2014
From Mass Marketing to Social Marketing
Social Media Marketing is Evolving to Become a Unique and an Essential Mainstream Marketing Method
17 Mar 2014
Executive Summary 25 Feb 2014
Contact Center's Customer Experience in Brazil
An Overview of the Market's Current Scenario and Recommendations for Companies on Customer Experience Management
20 Feb 2014

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