Information & Communication Technologies

Stratecast Operations & Monetization Global Competitive Strategies (OSSCS)

As people around the globe communicate more widely and frequently than ever before, the potential for fusion of devices and services is unlimited. Making it all possible--from leading-edge mobile apps to a simple wireless or landline call--are operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS), working behind the scenes to deliver, manage and monetize the people, processes and infrastructure that provide these services.

Title Published
Global ODAM '10 to Watch' in 2018: Digital Transformation Means New Tools for New Business 01 Mar 2018
Preparing for 5G: Assure Tomorrow’s Capabilities Today 09 Feb 2018
SailPoint: Keeping Identities Secure & Manageable with Smarter Governance, Best Practices, and Analytics 30 Jan 2018
Monetizing the Omni-Channel, Omni-Play Customer Experience: The Right Tools Address Complexity and Create Positive Results 19 Jan 2018
Global CSP Financial Assurance 2017 Edition: Market Forecast, Market Share Analysis, and Supplier Assessment 22 Dec 2017
Stratecast Predictions 2018: The Year Ahead - Digital Transformation is Affecting Everything 13 Dec 2017
The Expanding Role of Identity and Access: How a Chief Vulnerability Doubles as a Weapon against Data Breaches 08 Dec 2017
BeyondTrust: An Integrated Platform Approach to Privileged Access Management 29 Nov 2017
Protecting the Web API: Why an Overlooked Threat Vector is Gaining Visibility 17 Nov 2017
Janrain: Laying a Secure Foundation for Identity Management and Customer Engagement 15 Nov 2017

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