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Stratecast SPIE Analysis Services (2001 - present day)

The SPIE Analysis Service provides executives insightful, conclusive and actionable strategic analysis of industry events, trends and issues as they unfold on a weekly basis in seven specific domains of expertise.

Title Published
The Rise of Managed SD-WAN: Network Service Providers Strategize to Ride the Wave 13 Oct 2017
Microservices: A Role Player in the Cloud-Native Architecture
Taking a parallel approach to digital transformation
06 Oct 2017
Co-Location for the Digital Era: vXchnge Moves Beyond Space and Power to Support Clients’ Strategic Business Goals 29 Sep 2017
Gliding Over Cloud Security Adoption Barriers: AWS Makes Big Leaps Forward 22 Sep 2017
Where are Your Apps Now? Survey Shows Businesses Rely on Multiple Deployment Options 15 Sep 2017
Digital Customer Centricity Depends on a Unified User Identity: Capping Installed Systems is the Surest Way to Deliver Digital Services 01 Sep 2017
Closing the Effectiveness Gap in Data Protection: Promising Solutions from IBM, Micro Focus, and GhangorCloud 25 Aug 2017
Software-defined Remote Access: An Inside Look at Aryaka’s SmartACCESS Solution 18 Aug 2017
Our Detailed Privacy Blueprint: What All Parties Should Be Doing Right Now to Protect the People and Organizations They Care About 11 Aug 2017
Monetization: The Long Game for Network Operators
Legacy Systems and New Cloud-Native Business Management Solutions
04 Aug 2017

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