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Title Published
National Innovation Ecosystems (IT and Electronics) (Technical Insights)
Multi-dimensional Indicators fostering Innovation efforts at the National level
26 Dec 2013
ICT Innovations Enabling Collaborative Supply Chains (Technical Insights)
The Power of Technology Enabled Supply Chain
25 Jul 2013
Inside R&D Alert. Hydrogen Peroxide for Disinfection of Grey Water; Replacing Airplane APU with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; Ultrasonic Vibrator System for Improving Heat Exchangers' Performance 01 Jul 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Methanol-Powered Fuel Cells for Vehicles; Quantum Dot-Based Microarray Platform for Early Detection of Hospital Infections; Coated Tire Crumbs as Anode Material for Microbial Fuel Cells 24 Jun 2011
Futuretech Alert. Mixed Ion-Electron Conducting Membranes 17 Jun 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Improvements in Microbial Fuel Cells Technology; Biporous Wick Improves Heat Transfer Capability in Loop Heat Pipes; Electric Aircraft Terrestrial Taxing System for Fuel Savings 17 Jun 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Analyzing Fish Freshness Using Calorimetric Sensor Arrays; Harvesting Wild Micro Algae for Biofuel Production; Improving Heat Transfer in Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers Using HFC/HC Mixture and Nanofluids 10 Jun 2011
Inside R&D Alert. New Structure of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Nanosized Adsorbents for Fluoride Removal; Improving Concentration by Consuming Black Tea 03 Jun 2011
Futuretech Alert. Metagenomics 27 May 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Cold Plasma-Generated Charges for Nanotopography Engineering; Using Polymer Nanocomposites in Hydrogen Storage Technology; Automated Online Monitoring System for Travel Management 27 May 2011

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