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Title Published
Inside R&D Alert. Coagulant for Effective Phosphate Removal; Improving Waste Heat Recovery from Boilers; Encapsulation Technique for Drug Solubility Enhancement 06 May 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Nanobiotech Platform for Imitating Living Tissue Structures for Life Sciences Applications; Solution for Hosted Desktop Virtualization; Onsite Grey Water Recycling 29 Apr 2011
Futuretech Alert. Noncontact Charging in Transportation 22 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Minimizing Wind Power Fluctuation via Hydrogen Production; Eliminating Impurities in Methane Gas; Reducing CO2 Gas Emission using Sequestration Methods 22 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Integrated Treatment System for Wastewater Generated on Ships; Server-Based PC Cloud for End-User Computing; Validation of Noninvasive Methodology for Evaluating Skin Aging 15 Apr 2011
FutureTech Alert. Space-Based Solar Energy Generation and Transmission 08 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Enhanced Remediation of Trichloroethylene; Harvesting Solar Energy from Asphalt; Sustainable Means of Defluoridation in Drinking Water 08 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Onsite Treatment System of Landscape Pond Water; Compressed Air System for Electricity Storage; Improving Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers 01 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Biosensing Platform for Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring; Virus Disinfection with Silver Nanoparticles; Method for Estimating Global Rainfall and Ocean Pollution 25 Mar 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Antibacterial Substances from Lemon Peel for Dental Caries and Periodontitis; Algae as Feedstock for Biodiesel; Effect of Roofing Materials on Harvested Rain Water Quality 17 Mar 2011

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