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Title Published
Inside R&D Alert. Onsite Treatment System of Landscape Pond Water; Compressed Air System for Electricity Storage; Improving Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers 01 Apr 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Biosensing Platform for Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring; Virus Disinfection with Silver Nanoparticles; Method for Estimating Global Rainfall and Ocean Pollution 25 Mar 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Antibacterial Substances from Lemon Peel for Dental Caries and Periodontitis; Algae as Feedstock for Biodiesel; Effect of Roofing Materials on Harvested Rain Water Quality 17 Mar 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Sustainable Means of Producing Hydrogen; Hydrokinetic Turbines Harness Energy from Oscillating Hydrofoils; Impact of Anaerobic Digestion on Green Energy and Biofarming 11 Mar 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Anti-Aging Study of Palmitoyl Glycine and Cocoyl Alanine; Modified Switchgrass for Increasing Biofuel Production; Unique Water Washing System To Purify Indoor Air 04 Mar 2011
FutureTech Alert. Municipal Solid Waste Management Using Dry Anaerobic Process 04 Mar 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Affordable Solution for Call Encryption Using Smartphones; Automated Image Analysis for Mass Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy; Enhancing Biomolecular Arrays through Functionalized CNTs 25 Feb 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Silk-Based Nanocarriers for Life Sciences Applications; Fluorophore-Based Imaging Methodology for RNA Study; Fuel Cell-Based Power Plants Produce Electricity from Natural Gas 18 Feb 2011
FutureTech Alert. Mass Spectrometry Raises Hopes for Clinical Quantitative Proteomics and Personalized Care 11 Feb 2011
Inside R&D Alert. Tunable Magnetic Nanoparticles for Nanobiology and Nanomedicine Applications; Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Detecting Airborne Pollutants Using Laser Sensing Technology 11 Feb 2011

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