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Title Published
Inside R&D Alert. Cleaner PCB Production Processes by Waste Reduction at Source; Airborne Robotic Oil Spill Recovery System; Implantable Glucose Sensor and Wireless Telemetry for Monitoring Blood Sugar Level 13 Aug 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Improved Lifespan of WSN via Algorithmically Optimizing Layout; Embedding Silicon Wire-Arrays for Enhanced Solar Cell Performance; New Flexible PV Panels for Military Purposes 06 Aug 2010
Futuretech Alerts. Synthetic Biology in Life Sciences and Medicine 06 Aug 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Alternative Approach for Improving Quality of Biogas; Holographic Laser Projection for Miniaturized High-Quality Display Projection; Indoor Location-Based Solution 30 Jul 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Reducing Benzene in Gasoline Using Propylene through Alkylation; State-of-the-Art Random Access Protocols for Satellite Networks; Novel Security Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks 23 Jul 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Energy Generated from Breath and Heartbeats by Using Nanogenerators; Security Cloud Solution for Driving Cloud Adoption; Innovative Tool for Secured Password Management 16 Jul 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Improving Olefin Yields During Catalytic Partial Oxidation Process; Carbon-Free Cement Can Reduce CO2 Emmision in Construction Industry; Novel Mechanism for Virtual Organization in Grid Computing 09 Jul 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Cloud Application for Facilitating Large Enterprises Adoption; Highly Sensitive Fiberoptic Sensor for High- Temperatures Detection; Understanding Heat Transfer of Drop-Wise Condensation of Water on Polyethylene 02 Jul 2010
Inside R&D Alert. Spray Coating of Thin Films for Organic Electronics Fabrication; Simple and Cost-Effective HDTV-PC Interface; Novel Bacteria Type is Able To Double Hydrogen Production 25 Jun 2010
FutureTech Alert. Insulin Delivery Systems--Technological Developments 25 Jun 2010

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