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Mastering the Social Media Universe

by Austin Pullmann 22 Jun 2012
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It’s always nice to have your work enjoyed and shared by others.  This is a primary reason for getting excited about my job, which is to document best practices executed by companies against a variety of challenges.  Recently we created an infographic to tell the story of our research that covers a variety of approaches to leveraging social media effectively, entitled “Mastering the Social Media Universe” – for the record I came up with that title while sitting in a fast food restaurant with my kids. :)  See a pasted version below: 

So I mentioned that this infographic has been shared far and wide.  Indeed, it has been retweeted and posted in various blogs, dissected and interpreted.  All of this is great news in that we were able to connect with others using this visual format, and address challenges that others are commonly facing.  Wonderful.  As in many aspects of social media, the benefit generated is simultaneously hard to dispute, yet hard to calculate.  Wouldn’t it be great to know how this research materially changed the thinking of the reader, and by extension generated value for that reader’s business?  We would love to know.  So now’s your chance – reach out to us with any kind of feedback, positive or negative on how the infographic has influenced your thinking.  We will welcome it with open arms!

Kudos to our graphic designer, Jannette Whippy, who is the artistic genius behind this infographic.

Austin Pullmann 
Austin is the North American Program Manager for the Growth Team Membership, a best practices research group within Frost & Sullivan.

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By  Jannette Whippy
Senior Project Manager, Frost & Sullivan

22 Jun 2012 15:21

*blush* Thank you for the kudos Austin.

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