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Improving Efficiency by Focusing on the Customer: Asia Pacific 2012 Marketing Priorities Survey Results

by Holly Lyke Ho Gland 09 Jul 2012
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Marketers continue to be faced with the imperative tofind ways to appeal to specific customer needs, keep costs down, and drive higher ROI. This focus on the customer has marketers reassessing their value propositions and customer segments—to target the “right” audience with an engaging message. However, marketers are expected to take on this task with limited resources—budgets and staffing levels are expected to remain stagnant. To accomplish more with less, marketers are striving to improve the effectiveness of lead generation efforts and adoption rate collateral by Sales. More pointedly, marketers are striving to improve their channel strategies and collaborate closely with Sales on segmentation efforts.

To examine these challenges in more depth, the survey asked respondents to “root cause” their top internal challenges; indicating if they stem from issues with staffing, process, technology/systems, or strategic alignment. Respondents attribute their challenges to two primary causes: limitations in staff and a lack of common objectives.

When comparing Marketing’s 2012 resource allocations to forecasts made in 2011, the belief that budgets and staffing would remain static is inaccurate. In fact budgets have decreased since 2011. In regards to staffing, budgets have dropped by over a third. In contrast, marketers’ growing love affair with social media is readily apparent as social media activities are receiving twice the budget allocation they did last year. Additionally, marketers have allocated more budget to “content development”, which is critical for demand and lead generation activities.

This year’s survey included examined Marketing’s demand generation capabilities. Overall marketers are satisfied with their demand generation effectiveness—most respondents ranked their effectiveness as “Above Average”. Marketers are also satisfied with their effectiveness at specific demand generation tactics—with the exception of social media and mobile marketing.

Holly is the Research Lead for the Growth Team Membership, a best practices research group within Frost & Sullivan. Follow her on twitter at @hlykehogland.

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