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Good Design is Innovative

by Jannette Whippy 11 Sep 2012
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Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, introduced ten principles of good design. I am going to focus on one principle in this blog post: good design is innovative.

I am not a product designer, but innovation is something I work toward in my page and infographic designs as Senior Graphic Design Artist for Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Team Membership program. Creating clever and different ways to explain processes and data takes time; I call it marinating time.

Speaking of marinating, I love to grill. And I love a good marinade. I think marinated food is just fabulous. However, sometimes (most times) I don’t build in enough time to marinate and I get (what I feel are) sub-par grill results. Talking about grilling right now makes me a little sad what with fall just around the corner. I love the change in seasons (probably because I grew up with only two in the Pacific: rainy and dry); fall is one of my favorites, despite the shorter daylight hours and the temperature drops that deter me from venturing outside to grill. So while grilling (for me) is a late-spring, summer activity, marinating can be done year round (when I remember to plan ahead). Just like marinating food, marinating on design takes time: time to think and time to allow myself to follow meandering thoughts, jot down many sketches (I go through a lot of paper), and come at ideas sideways.

These marinating sessions require me to think loosely about a problem or page. When I let my mind wander, flashes of inspiration hit and I come up with some unique and clever ideas. It is a rush when an idea flashes and I grab it and run with it, sometimes the idea fizzles once I start fleshing out the details, but more often than not, the idea solidifies into a great page or a lovely section of an infographic.

I often tell my team that I need time to marinate on a page or an infographic. This time to muse and reflect is crucial to my design process. If you find yourself stuck on something, the flow of a presentation or even just one page; I highly recommend setting aside time to marinate, the brain often comes up with interesting solutions when you allow yourself to think sideways.

Jannette is the Senior Graphic Design Artist for Growth Team Membership, a premier best practices research group within Frost & Sullivan. You can follow her on Twitter: @jwhippy.

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Comments (4)

By  Pierre Chevalier
CEO, GIL Community

14 Oct 2014 12:56

Totally agree with you Jannette. To be inspired needs a good marinated time, but it works !

By  Jannette Whippy
Senior Project Manager, Frost & Sullivan

06 Oct 2014 11:26

Thank you for the comments. Making something user friendly is the ultmate goal of good design, because, ultimately, graphic designers don't make things pretty, they solve problems.

By  Edwin Thomas

04 Oct 2014 05:11
User Interface and user experience are most important factors of online businesses that helps to engage loyal customers. When it comes to ecommerce business there are lot of multi vendor platforms and opensource software has attractive designs. Another important thing is user friendly design, that should be easy to navigate user one product to another.

By  s jhon

06 May 2013 12:08
To Get The Desired Task From Your Business, It Is The Basic Need To Make It Familiar Among The People. An Innovative Design May Help More To Attract The Customers Well. The Hosted Shopping Cart Software Is The Base Of My Online Business And I Have Get More By Adopting This Strategy In My Business.
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