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President Obama's Fuel Efficiency Standards to Give American Trucking Industry Major Advantage in Global Economy

by Jeannette Garcia 18 Feb 2014
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Frost & Sullivan's recently promoted Global Automotive and Transportation Research Director Sandeep Kar provides his commentary in response to President Obama's Executive Order on fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks discussed earlier today in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Sandeep believes that, while President Obama's fuel efficiency standards will be a "pain" in the short-term for the trucking industry, in the long-run, will give the American trucking industry a leg up in the global market and reduce total cost of ownership for fleets.

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Commentary by Frost & Sullivan's Global Automotive and Transportation Research Director Sandeep Kar:

"The President's decision to elevate fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks is definitely a strategic move. While it presents short-term pain for the industry, it will indeed deliver long-term gain both locally and globally.

Trucks featuring better fuel-efficiency and economy will cost higher than the current breed of trucks, but will deliver reduced fuel expenses for fleets thereby reducts thereby reducing life-cycle costs and hence total cost off ownership, while simultaneously reducing freight transportation's carbon footprint.

While the standards are not yet formalized, it will be safe to assume that the limits that will be proposed could be met through some technologies that are already in the market, albeit in limited application areas.

Fuel costs have already become the most expensive portion of a fleet's operating expenses, and any change that reduces fuel costs in a volatile fuel price environment will be welcomed by the end-users.

Moreover, this will give a unique edge to American truck and powertrain systems markers to develop once, test once, and sell advanced fuel-efficiency enhancement technologies and products all over the world in the next 5 to 10 years, as global emission regulations get harmonized with North American and European standards.

While these mandates will challenge OEMs and tier-1 suppliers, I feel that this is not an insurmountable challenge and one that will pay rich dividends to all corners of the American trucking industry."

Sandeep Kar's Expertise

Sandeep Kar was recently promoted to the role of Global Director of Research for Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive and Transportation industry research group. In this role, Sandeep has taken over full responsibility for Frost & Sullivan’s global Automotive and Transportation practice’s technology, econometric, application and market focused research, global research team management, revenue and market share growth, and research innovation.

Prior to this role, Sandeep served as the Global Research Director for Commercial Vehicle Research program that he initiated and propelled to success since 2007. Prior to that Sandeep served as Senior Industry Analyst in the Automotive Advanced Technologies program.  Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan Sandeep worked in engineering and management roles in companies such as Tata Motors. Sandeep has a Master’s degree in heavy-truck dynamics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has published technical papers in leading peer reviewed research journals such as International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics.

Sandeep is considered as a thought leader by senior leaders in the automotive industry. He works closely with OEMs and suppliers in developing strategic and actionable analysis that enables companies to grow faster through effective leveraging of advanced technologies and flat-world operating conditions.

Sandeep brings powerful and mission critical corporate strategy analytics and insights to senior leadership of global commercial vehicle market participants, and opens doors to accelerated revenue growth leveraging both existing and advanced technologies and markets. He speaks at several conferences, seminars, and workshops each year and drives clarity in strategic decision making.

Please attribute Frost & Sullivan as based (or headquartered) in Mountain View, Calif.  Frost & Sullivan is the Growth Partnership Company thatany that provides market research and consultative services to a wide range of industries, among other offerings.


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