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The Rising Trend of Mobile Handset Incidents

The evolution from basic features phones to smartphones has been nothing short of phenomenal. Advancements in network and device technologies, coupled with the proliferation of sophisticated applications, continue to aggressively drive data consumption on mobile devices. In fact, Frost & Sullivan research indicates the average smartphone user in th...

Apple, iPhone, and the Shifting of Coolness

There’s a wonderful scene in “Almost Famous” in which Philip Seymour Hoffman tells the teenage aspiring writer/protagonist, “I met you. You are not cool.” I’ve always loved that line, because I feel like what he was really saying was, “You are your own kind of cool.” On my best days, this is how I would describe myself – my own kind of cool. I’m n...

The Designer's Playlist

Silence has always been a distraction for me. I need music or a medley of conversations to help me focus and concentrate. I always have music in the background, and when I work on something important, I have a few favorite playlists that help inspire and focus me. Recently I took a closer look at one of my favorites: Leonard Cohen, a musician/poet ...

Best Practices in Software Monetization Strategy - A Customer Perspective

Software License Management solutions are designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and device vendors to efficiently monetize their products. The three main functions SLM systems perform are: defining software versions and licensing rules (development); automating license issuance and invoicing (deployment); and ensuring that software i...

Connected Health: Global Perspectives on Identifying and Establishing Your Markets

Frost & Sullivan Growth Opportunity Briefings in Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore). Covered by the Korean media in Seoul, Korea. Speakers: Daniel Ruppar, Ajay Sunder from Frost & Sullivan giving combined perspectives from our Healthcare and Information/Communication Technologies groups on this important area of cross-industry convergence and h...

Good Design is Innovative

Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, introduced ten principles of good design. I am going to focus on one principle in this blog post: good design is innovative. I am not a product designer, but innovation is something I work toward in my page and infographic designs as Senior Graphic Design Artist for Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Team Membersh...

Paradigms, Parents, and Podcasting

Every once in a while, you read something that really blows your hair back. Few things are better than having a moment of enlightenment – having a new idea presented to you that helps you make sense of your world in a better, simpler, way. That’s what happened to me when I came across a book from the 1960s entitled The Structure of Scientific Revo...

How Wine Tasting and the Gestalt Principles of Perception Improve My Designs

It’s rare for me to meet a Cabernet Sauvignon that I don’t like. My favorites are Cabs with backbone: big and full-bodied. I like my wines earthy (even a little herbaceous [taste and aroma of herbs]) with some tobacco flavor. And I love when the wine finishes dry. My wine preferences have matured and changed over the years (I have attended many, ma...

Improving Efficiency by Focusing on the Customer: Asia Pacific 2012 Marketing Priorities Survey Results

Marketers continue to be faced with the imperative tofind ways to appeal to specific customer needs, keep costs down, and drive higher ROI. This focus on the customer has marketers reassessing their value propositions and customer segments—to target the “right” audience with an engaging message. However, marketers are expected to take on this task ...

Second Time Around

I once read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how writing the pilot episode of a new series is usually easier than writing the second episode, which can be an excruciating process. Maybe it’s because writers use all their good material in the first attempt, and feel a bit empty for the second go-round. I hope this isn’t the case with me ...

Pursuit of Productivity and Social Selling: 2012 APAC Sales Leadership Priorities Survey Results

This year’s survey results indicate sales executives’ 2012 challenges are shaped by their need to increase productivity. Specifically, sales executives need to pinpoint the highest-value sales activities, streamline their sales processes to match, and invest in new tools and practices for team collaboration. The other prominent challenges are enhan...

Visualize This!

Inspiration hits at the strangest times: morning walks with my greyhound, a quiet moment sipping wine, or a busy and hectic day of running errands. It turns out solutions come more easily when I stop thinking about the problem. However, a key component of my ability to visualize solutions is having an understanding of the broader view. Telling som...


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