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The Implementation Deficit: 2012 Corporate Strategy Priorities Survey Results

Strategists continue to struggle with many of the perennial issues they identified in the 2011 survey—developing effective implementation plans and aligning corporate and financial objectives. In regards to implementation, the focus is on developing an effective procedure for execution that includes standardized metrics and milestones. Companies ne...

Facebook Growing Up- Boring

Wall Street and many world wide waited long enough for Facebook (FB) to go public. And now that the company has filed for the IPO, there will be incessant chatter- on its success, its 800+ million strong user network, its profitablity and its (hidden) policies and agenda.Though an analyst, I don't want to examine or comment on its valuation. Many I...

Energy Harvesting - Generating Electric Power from Sources Around Us

Most of us are aware of the fact of generating electrical power at large scale from ambient energy sources such as sun, water, but the industry for micro energy harvesting is slowly gaining momentum for low power applications. Micro energy harvesting (EH) intended for such low power applications generates electrical energy from different sources ar...

Overcoming the Great Divide: Embedding Corporate Strategies Effectively

When the Growth Team Membership (GTM) program surveyed corporate strategy executives to identify their top challenges for 2011, the primary challenge was, for the second year in a row, developing effective strategy implementation plans. When asked to identify the root cause of this challenge, respondents indicated it was a lack of common objectives...

On St. Patrick's Day - The unintended consequence of a lost passport, Murphy's Law and a Mosquito...

  Earlier in the week I was returning home from Zurich when I realised that I had lost my passport. Up until that point, my journey home from the mountains had been perfect and I thought to myself “typical, Murphy’s Law!”  But what is Murphy’s Law? On St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it fitting to debunk a British fallacy linked to this theory, whils...

Mining text - A new way to increase ROI and reduce churn

I recently started with a new research on exploring the exciting technology area of text mining. The more I have learnt about the technology, the more I have realised the wonderful implications that it could potentially have on such multi-billion dollar sectors such as retail, banking & financial sector and healthcare. What the heck is text mining...

Integration of Industries, Technologies & Opportunities: Discussions at the M&I Track at GIL Silicon Valley 2010

Post-lunch session not withstanding, the industry tracks were well attended at the recent GIL Silicon Valley event. As I was facilitating the Measurement & Instrumentation (M&I) track, it was heartening to see a good mix of companies from the Test & Measurement, Sensors and Semiconductor industries. Aliston Thomas from Agilent technologies presente...

Economic Impact: Cutting Costs? What you don't see.. may hurt you!

Most companies are feeling the effects of the economic downturn. The mantra echoed around the world, "Cash is King," triggered companies to activate cost cutting measures of all kinds; budget cuts, re-organization, down-sizing, et. al. And now that there is a little uptick within certain markets, companies watch with bated breath to see if they mad...

If Social Media is supposed to be cheaper, why the growing budgets?

 Take a look at a small collection of headlines from a recent Google search on “social media spending;”…Social Media Marketing Spend to Hit $3.1 Billion by 2014… Social Media Spending to Hit $757M in 2010… Marketers Increase Social Media Spending, ROI Not a Concern... B2B Marketers: 490% Increase in Social Media Spend by 2014?... Social media spend...

10 Tips for Navigating the Social Media Landscape

You would be forgiven for feeling at least some anxiety when it comes to determining the most appropriate social media strategy for your organization.  It’s difficult enough navigating through the seemingly endless landscape of possible channels, but now we’re supposed to know when and what to submit, post, tweet, upload, link, buzz, digg, up vote,...

You are what you hand out

Everyone is familiar with the saying "Don’t judge a book by its cover" but I can honestly say that I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover (even after I've been proven wrong, I still do it). First impressions are everything. Take this book cover for example (see Figure 1):Figure 1: The 1994 cover art for "Arabian Jazz" by Diana Abu JaberI would have nev...

Highly Sensitive Magnetic Sensors Have Opportunities in New Applications

Magnetic sensors detect the presence, strength or direction of a magnetic field that is generated from a source (which could be the Earth’s magnetic field, permanent magnet, electric current, etc.). Magnetic sensors often detect other parameters based on changes or disturbances in magnetic fields, such as, for example, rotational speed, position, p...


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