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Overview of Middle East Homeland Security Market

Post-Arab-Spring opportunities to Drive the Homeland Security Market

Published: 17 Oct 2017

Rising Security Threats and Government Regulations – Key Driver of Growth

Middle East countries are witnessing major public infrastructure projects, which are slated to accommodate the needs of major events such as Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 and Dubai Expo 2020. The region is undergoing significant expansion in the building and construction industry. Engulfed in a series of cross border conflicts, political unrest, and rising terrorism in the region, Middle Eastern countries face urgency to contain internal threats and bolster their homeland security. Vulnerability of large infrastructure has been a matter of concern for all governments in the region prompting investment toward enhancing their security.  Internal police forces and public infrastructure projects including street utilities, public car parking, and so on will create a huge demand as the countries in the region, especially the GCC countries, look to create a smart and secure environment.

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