Measurement & Instrumentation

Smart Sensors in Digitized Manufacturing

Published: 14 Jan 2019

Smart sensors are changing the way the data collected from assets is used and communicated in the manufacturing environment by providing enhanced inherent signal processing and data communication capabilities. A smart sensor is an advanced platform which has intelligent, embedded, and on-board diagnostics. Earlier, data used to be transmitted through layers, which was the primary reason for delays in communication and responsiveness. In order to prevent such delays, ordinary sensors are being transformed into smart sensors with true digital insights. In the context of Industry 4.0, smart sensors have been playing an active role in providing enhanced detection of equipment, processes, and cloud-based sharing of key information across the manufacturing facility. Smart sensors have made significant inroads in providing advancements in automation and efficiency. They can assess a machine in any environmental condition and communicate key information about the utilization rates in real time to increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer experience.

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