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European Analytical Instrumentation Market, Forecast to 2024

Pharmaceutical, Food and Petrochemical Market Fuel Market Growth
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Published: 28 Jun 2018

European analytical instrumentation factbook is segmented by regions including Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), Russia, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark), Iberia (Spain, Portugal), Rest of Eastern & Western Europe, Rest of Europe. It includes end users including Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences, Government and academic research institutions and laboratories, Environmental safety, and agricultural research testing laboratories, Chemicals and petrochemicals, Food & Beverage, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater, Metals and Mining, and Others (including end users such as, defense, homeland security, power generation, iron & steel, pulp & paper, electronics, and semiconductors). Technology coverage includes • Chromatography: 1. Gas Chromatographs (Laboratory & Process) 2. Liquid Chromatographs (Laboratory) 3. Ion Chromatographs (Laboratory) • Spectrometer: o I. Molecular Analysis Spectroscopy: 1. Infrared Spectrometer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 2. Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometer (Laboratory & Process) 3. Raman Spectrometer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 4. Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) Analyzer o II. Elemental Analysis Spectroscopy: 1. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2. Atomic Emission Spectrometer 3. Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer o III. Mass Spectrometry: 1. Single Quadrupole LC-MS 2. Tandem LC-MS 3. GC-MS 4. TOF LC-MS 5. MALDI-TOF MS 6. ICP-MS 7. Portable MS • Analytical Microscopes: 1. Optical Microscopes 2. Electron Microscopes 3. Scanning Probe Microscopes • Gas Analyzers: 1. Zirconia Analyzer 2. NDIR Analyzer 3. Paramagnetic Analyzer 4. Electrochemical Analyzer 5. Flame Ionization Detector 6. Thermal Conductivity Analyzer 7. Chemiluminiscence Analyzer 8. Trace Oxygen Analyzer • Liquid Analyzers: 1. Conductivity Analyzer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 2. TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyzer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 3. pH/ORP (pH/Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer ) (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 4. Turbidity Analyzer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 5. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) 6. Chlorine Analyzer (Laboratory, Process & Portable) • Analytical X-ray Instrumentation: 1. X-ray Diffractometer (XRD - Laboratory & Portable) 2. Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED XRF) 3. Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WD XRF) 4. X-ray Fluorescence (XRF - Portable) Stable growth of different analytical instrumentation is expected in pharmaceutical sector of large countries such as Germany, United Kingdom. Biopharmaceutical sector will strongly emerge in countries such as Russia and Turkey primarily driven by biosimilar production. Different analytical techniques such as chromatographs, molecular analysis spectrometers, mass spectrometer and others will be impacted by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sector. Stable growth of petrochemical and oil & gas sectors in developed European countries will drive process analyzers such as process gas chromatographs, gas analyzers, spectrometers and more. Many European countries including Italy are leading exporters of its conservative foods and hence there is a high demand for spectrometers for quality control and monitoring applications in food sector. Other end users such as metals & minerals, water & wastewater will also drive different analytical instrument products.



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