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Globalisation - What Does it Mean for the Chemical Industry?

During our most recent Analyst Briefing, the Chemicals & Materials research team discussed the role that Globalisation as a megatrend is playing in the development of our industry. It is undoubtedly a complex issue, encompassing many individual factors. The first thing that may come to mind is the idea that the world is becoming "a smaller place" -...

Rumor Mill: Bunge Considers Acquistion of Corn Products International Again

Well, it may be back on. Bunge Ltd. stated on January 27, 2010 that the company is interested in reviving its bid for Corn Products International (CPI) as indicated by its CEO during its quarterly earnings call. As I had stated in June of 2008, Bunge, the world's third largest agribusiness with total sales of nearly $53.0 billion in 2008, announced...

Martek Bioscience Forward and Horizontally Integrates with its Acquistion of Amerifit Brands

Last week, Martek Biosciences Corp, the world's largest algae-based Omega-3 DHA ingredients supplier with total sales of nearly $330 million in 2009, announced that it had acquired Amerifit Brands, a Connecticut-based company that develops and distributes dietary supplements, for roughly $200 million, in order to forward-integrate into the dietary ...

Megatrends Impacting the Chemicals Industry: What for 2010?

At the beginning of 2009, I published a list of the top 10 megatrends that we felt would have an impact on the Performance Materials industry through 2009. For 2010 however, we will be taking a different perspective on the key dynamics in our industry. This change is an exciting one as it will allow us to more closely track the trends in our key ...

L-carnitine: Getting Noticed in a Challenging Market Place

In 2009, Frost & Sullivan turned its attention to the dynamic global weight management ingredients market. This research was presented at the 13th annual Supply Side West and market growth, product and application trends by region was discusses and included the following markets segments: Appetite suppressant and satiety ingredients Fat burnin...

Sustainability: Key Challenges Facing Food and Beverage Ingredient Markets and Implementing Best Practices

Increasing media attention on changing climate fears, product recalls, and the volatile cost of energy has had an irreversible affect on consumer awareness of health, safety, and energy conservation issues as it related to the food and beverage products they buy. This in turn is affecting purchasing behavior and the rapid growth of food products th...

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