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Volkswagen diesel emissions - We Can Help!

As the issues around Volkswagen's approach to diesel emissions testing rumble on, it's important to remember that there are solutions available to reduce the NOx emissions from vehicles. So to the new CEO of Volkswagen when he or she is appointed - we can help! When I say "we", of course I mean the chemical industry. There are 3 key ways to reduce...

An Enabling Technology that Addresses California’s Water Crisis!

Please join Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., ( and our Visionary Science Research Team for a Special Breakfast Briefing Event Friday September 18th, 2015 at Frost & Sullivan's Global Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Please see attached for more details! ...

The Predicted Rise in Consumer Demand for Quieter Homes is Here

An article in one of the UK national newspapers last week looked into the issue of noise in our homes, and the growing trend for quieter homes. The article covered a range of potential solutions, from building materials that can enhance the acoustic insulation in a home, to home appliances that are increasingly designed to create less noise. It w...

The Challenges of a Globalised Automotive Industry

Aston Martin produces some of the world's most highly engineered cars, and its reputation stands on the quality of those vehicles.  The news this week, therefore, that the company has to recall the majority of vehicles it has made since 2007 will come as a shock. The recall is due to a faulty accelerator pedal arm, some of which have broken.  Test...

Conservation Tillage - What Are the Implications for the Renewable Chemicals Industry?

This week's news headlines included an announcement that the United Nations (UN) had released its 2013 edition of its Emissions Gap Report.  This report comes out as the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) convenes for its annual meeting, held this year in Warsaw. One of the most notable recommendations in the report is for reduci...

US Shale Gas Boom: Tides of Change in the Global Petrochemicals Market

In recent news, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp is apparently closing down an ethylene plant, partly as a consequence of their competitors, capitalising on the US shale gas boom, to produce cheaper petrochemicals. The advantages are two-fold. In addition to use as feedstock for chemicals, the cheap gas can also be used as fuel and heating for production p...

Making use of Flare Gas - What are the Implications for the Chemical Industry?

This week's news headlines included a very important announcement about the wasteful, and environmentally damaging, process of associated gas flaring. Ten years ago, the World Bank set up a group known as the Global Gas Flaring Reduction partnership.  The partners convened at a conference this week in London, with the intention of setting targets ...


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