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Global Antimicrobial Coating Materials Market for Medical Devices, Forecast to 2021

Growing End Application Demand Induced by Rising Awareness
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Published: 12 May 2017

The rise in the global population suffering from cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle-associated illnesses is slated to increase the need for surgery. This, combined with the growing incidence of nosocomial infection across hospitals, is expected to stimulate antimicrobial coating materials demand. The escalating birth rate will augment the use of epidural anesthetics. Hence, coating manufacturers must develop antimicrobial coating materials that are safe for expectant mothers. Antimicrobial coating materials manufacturers will partner further with surgical equipment OEMs to design coatings to serve a wide range of diseases and medical devices. Major growth opportunities in this market include, but are not limited to: • Increasing end consumer awareness Antimicrobial coating materials manufacturers will have to work with medical device OEMs to create awareness campaigns directed at educating medical professionals about the efficacy of antimicrobial coating materials. This will ensure that patients and medical practitioners are more informed about the risk of acquiring nosocomial infection and the usage of antimicrobial-coated medical devices. This awareness will lead to increased demand, which will encourage manufacturers to develop new products and enhance the existing portfolio to cater to a diverse range of end application segments. • Additional customer segments Due to consumer convenience, personalized medical devices and home-based care administration are gaining prominence. This is an opportunity for antimicrobial coating materials manufacturers to widen their customer base by manufacturing such devices. • Medical devices reprocessing The reprocessing of medical devices may not ensure that microorganisms are completely removed. Crevices are potential sites where pathogens can reside. Hence, antimicrobial coating materials manufacturers, an entity in the medical device industry supply chain, being connected to raw material manufacturers and OEMs, can take the responsibility of interfacing between various participants and ensure that device design is intuitive for reprocessing purposes. This research service identifies the major market drivers and restraints and regulatory, product, market, and technology trends in the global antimicrobial coating materials market for medical devices. The scope of the study is global, and it is segmented by geographies into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Based on the materials used, the market has been segmented as metallic (silver, copper) and non-metallic (polymers and organics). The study also looks at coating materials based on medical devices such as catheters, implantable devices, surgical devices, and others (mandrels and molds, guidewires, epidural needles, and elastomeric seals).



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