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Behavioral Biometrics Using an Artificial Intelligence Engine Added to Front-end Modalities Enhance Security Across Border Control and Access Control Applications
13 May 2019
Regulations to Augment Application Potential of Biometrics in the Government and Commercial Segments
16 Apr 2019
25 Feb 2019
Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Catering to Changing Customer Demands are Expected to Drive RFID Adoption
24 Jan 2019
Customer Engagement and High Customer Satisfaction are the Key Factors that will Lead to Growing Adoption of Self-service Kiosks
12 Nov 2018
Global Political Tensions, Terrorism Threat, and Digital Transformation Threats Based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence Drive Investment in the Security Technology Market
17 Oct 2018
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Manufacturing Will Drive RFID Implementation
10 Oct 2018
A Budget Assessment of FY 2019 Proposed Spending
09 Oct 2018
Significant Growth Opportunities Still Exist in Providing Advanced Technologies that Increase Autonomy, Interoperability, and Multi-mission Functionality
08 Oct 2018
Omni-channel Retailing a Key Driver for Growth
05 Oct 2018

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