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Grid Energy Storage - The New Kid on the Block

With increasing interest in grid storage we see companies wanting to be a part of this growing market. From California to New Jersey, from New York to Texas, from Nevada to North Carolina, every state is moving towards deployment / adoption of energy storage systems. Yes, the utilities are talking and willing to take a step in right direction and s...

Tesla Motor's - Gigafactory - San Antonio - Is the city a right choice?

Since the news of Tesla Motor's plan to build a lithium-ion battery factory to support its electric vehicle initiatives there has been a push by different states to win them over. Each state is pushing hard to get Tesla to choose their city as this is likely to bring jobs, infrastructure growth, tax dollars and future investments to their states. O...

Grid Scale Energy Storage - A Growing Market

With the existing state of the grid and the need to upgrade power plants, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and renewable integration, energy storage is likely to play an important role in reducing large investments. Energy storage is an attractive market with strong prospects for growth. The figure below shows types of energy storage s...

Power in Data Centers

The data center demand is increasing due to trend such as virtualization, consolidation, and cloud computing. Many companies are increasing their investments in data center space due to the rising use of online streaming media, online gaming, high-performance computing, and other services. Increasing needs for data storage and physical space constr...

Smart Data Centers - Growing Energy and Power Demand

Over the last five years, the focus has shifted towards smart (green) data centers. This has led to an increase in data center power and cooling requirements. The density of the equipment packed into each rack continues to grow/increase in conjunction with the requirements for processor cycles, memory, and storage. The average power requirement per...

GENERATION NEXT - Lithium-ion based Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV)

Growing concerns about climate change, increasing fuel costs and developments in battery technology is likely to result in an increase in demand of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). For the past couple of years the focus has been on developing GREEN and CLEAN vehicles.The global market for Lithium-ion battery for HEV and EV...

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