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Robotic Exoskeletons: Roadmapping and Impact Analysis

Physical Rehabilitation Enhance Opportunities for Robotic Exoskeletons
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Published: 31 Dec 2018

Awareness and research initiatives of robotics technologies improving human life and intelligence have created opportunities for robotic exoskeleton manufacturers to discover a wide range of applications across various sectors. Efficient human-robot interaction, reduced footprint, ease of integration, reprogram ability and creation of flexible environment are encouraging advancements of robotic exoskeletons. Robotic platforms are expected to be pivotal role in automation. Apart from automating the working environment, the adoption of exoskeletons will ease the tasks of humans associated with dangerous and hazardous tasks. In healthcare industry, robotic exoskeletons are expected to play a quintessential role in offering effective physical rehabilitation and elderly care solutions. The scope of this report is limited to robotic exoskeletons based on its applicability in healthcare, manufacturing, military and construction sector. This technology and innovation report focuses on providing a snapshot on the key impact of exoskeletons on sector level, social and economic front. A global patent and funding assessment on the technology development is included in the report along with key innovations and growth opportunities of robotic exoskeletons. A global analysis on the current development of robotic exoskeleton technologies was done to assess the disruptive opportunities of exoskeletons. Key questions addressed in the research service: What are the key emerging applications which will have a high impact in the adoption of robotic exoskeletons? What are the benefits and challenges of robotic exoskeletons? What are the key innovations impacting technology development? What are they patent trends witnessed in the robotic exoskeleton area? What are the key focus areas of technology development? What are future growth opportunities?



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