Medical Imaging & Informatics

Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness

Emerging Microbiome Platforms Disrupting Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages and the Consumer Care Industries
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Published: 27 Dec 2018

This research service encompasses microbiome technology trends and emerging innovations across: Disease Management This research segment explores the emerging role of microbiome-based therapeutics across a wide range of diseases, especially in the context of gastro-intestinal health, while providing strategic insights across the highly dynamic competitive landscape Food & Beverages This research segment evaluates the role of microbiome technologies fueling improving F&B products, while providing an analysis of the innovative and evolving F&B landscape Personal Care Microbiome technologies has had a significant impact across the global skincare industry, and this research segment analysis the key technologies impacting the personal care space, while highlighting some of the key industry participants across each technology segment. Indoor Air Quality This is the newest sector to have been impacted by developments across the microbiome landscape. This research service evaluates some of the key developments fueling to enhance the microbiome balance within indoor settings.



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