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Connecting Customers to Connected Devices/Internet of Things

Each day more products and services are becoming connected to each other, to customers, and to employees. Appliances, equipment, furnaces, dimmers, thermostats, machinery, medical devices, earbuds, watches, and vehicles, to name just a few, transmit and receive important information and instructions in real-time over the Internet. Frost & Sullivan ...

Getting Engaged and Experienced in Vegas

WOW. What happens in Vegas: I’m writing about it, and analyzing it. Ok, before anyone goes scrambling for legal counsel and/or relationship counsel-ing, what I’m analyzing is Sitecore Symposium 2014 in Las Vegas: a slickly-produced conference with, I’m guessing, judging by the chock-full keynote hall, +/- 2,000 attendees. The event featured multi...

Embrace BYOT for the Innovation It Can Deliver

Employees are increasingly using their own technology—devices, services and applications—while at work. This trend, known as “BYOT” (bring-your-own-technology), represents a dramatic shift in how technology is discovered and adopted. Historically, employees were introduced to new technology at the office, and adopted it at home only when its value ...

The World Is Changing Are Your Communications Ready for BYOD?

Think about this: A recent Frost & Sullivan survey of more than 250 C-level executives revealed that in the vast majority of their organizations, employees routinely use mobile phones to conduct business—and, more importantly, for two-thirds of those users, a mobile device is their telephony end point of choice. Even when employees are working in t...

2013: The Consolidation of IT

It's that time of year again. The time of year where the world's IT commentators offer their predictions for the following year. For the past few years, predictions have focused very much on cloud computing, 'big data' (a misnomer if ever I have heard one), mobility, social, and consumerization. All of these technology trends are now having a prof...

Cloud Computing and the Road to Disruption

When the subject of cloud computing is raised, there is often a healthy suspicion from IT buyers that cloud is a marketing term which is used as a new way of selling complex, unproven solutions to them. This is not surprising, considering the history of the IT business. There is an alarmingly high incidence of IT projects failing to meet expectatio...

How Telecom Vendors Can Stay Relevant in a Changing Communications World

In what has become a fun annual event, I participated in the Locknote session at Enterprise Connect this week, and while several key topics were discussed, my favorite question was “Who are the winners and losers?” Everyone answered it a little differently, of course, but in my view, the clear winner at EC and going forward are the end users—you an...


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