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"Too Big To Fail" Applies to the Tech World Too

As economies worldwide are staging a fragile if promising recovery, economists continue to chant the mantra of breaking up institutions - specifically, banks - that are "too big to fail". Technology has given rise to many other corporations that are similarly too big to fail. Not because their failure would bankrupt or disrupt a financial ecosyste...

Challenges for Securing Revenue across Managed and Unmanaged Networks: A Look at NAB 2013 Trends

NAB 2013 brought home three main themes for the digital media team at Frost & Sullivan: 1)    There’s a clear drive toward delivering media & entertainment solutions that control bottom line costs while growing top line revenues. 2)    Market conversations are shifting toward solutions focused on monetization rather than just products focused on ...

Finding Gold at the End of the Digital Cable Rainbow in India

India is a vast market today for Pay TV, with over 100 million Pay TV households and an estimated 140 million TV households. It is also arguably among the least developed market for Pay TV, despite these numbers. For example, the number of TV households pales in comparison to the country’s population of over 1.2 billion. Also, India still does not ...

Best Practices in Software Monetization Strategy - A Customer Perspective

Software License Management solutions are designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and device vendors to efficiently monetize their products. The three main functions SLM systems perform are: defining software versions and licensing rules (development); automating license issuance and invoicing (deployment); and ensuring that software i...

Apple Acquires AuthenTec... and Its Sizeable Business in Secure DRM Clients for BYOD

Apple announced today its intended acquisition of Authentec for $356 million – a valuation of nearly 7x over fiscal year 2011 revenue. Interestingly, although the acquisition is being highlighted in terms of AuthenTec’s flagship business in fingerprint scanning and touch sensor technology for security of mobile computers, revenue growth for this si...

Mastering the Social Media Universe

It’s always nice to have your work enjoyed and shared by others.  This is a primary reason for getting excited about my job, which is to document best practices executed by companies against a variety of challenges.  Recently we created an infographic to tell the story of our research that covers a variety of approaches to leveraging social media e...

[VIDEO] Salesforce to Acquire Buddy Media

Some thoughts on what this acquisition will mean for enterprise software and social business. ...

What's the best email subject line you've ever seen?

Or rather, what is an example of a subject line you simply could not resist opening? I can think of a few – “How you can do what xx did”, or “Does this version work for you?”. Sometimes no subject line is the most effective of all. The airlines could stand to improve at this. I’m subscribed to perhaps every domestic airline’s email list, and the e...

[VIDEO] Facebook's IPO

Some thoughts about Facebook now that it is a public company, and implications for the social networking industry. ...

[TWITTERCHAT] Social Media and the Enterprise: The Search for ROI

I'm moderating a live Twitterchat with HP right now.  Please search and follow the hashtag #HPESchat, or view the tweets below. ...

Instagram for $1 Billion: What to Do in the Absence of Owning a Hot Social Startup

The blogpost below was first published on April 19, 2012 on Social Media Today. Clipped from: (share this clip)   I keep asking myself:  Why couldn’t I have discovered Instagram or Pinterest?  With last week’s news of Facebook acquiring photosharing app Instagram for an eye-popping $1 billion, many social media experts are now turning t...

[SLIDESHARE] Exploiting Opportunities in B2B Social Media

Below is the PowerPoint presentation I delivered for a BrightTALK webinar, covering metrics, ROI, strategies, and tactics for the B2B social media marketer. Exploiting Opportunities in B2B Social Media View more presentations from Frost & Sullivan ...


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