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Social Analytics: Why the Calculus Teacher Is Now Your Guidance Counselor

The blogpost below was first published on April 2, 2012 on Social Media Today.==================================== In an interesting development I learned last week, social data and analytics providers are becoming agencies – advising and consulting with brands on strategy based on the very data they collect. So much for selling data. ‘We don’t ...

Three Social Media Lessons from Dell: It's Not All About Sales

This blogpost was first published on Social Media Today. ============================= Opened with much fanfare in December 2010, the Social Media Listening Command Center inside the Dell campus in Round Rock, Texas, of which I received a personalized tour last week, provided for an interesting peek inside the social media operations of one of th...

[VIDEO] Social Media and Demand Generation

A video of me discussing social media and demand generation, during a meeting at the offices of Bulldog Solutions.  Some survey results regarding social media objectives are also presented. ...

Facebook Growing Up- Boring

Wall Street and many world wide waited long enough for Facebook (FB) to go public. And now that the company has filed for the IPO, there will be incessant chatter- on its success, its 800+ million strong user network, its profitablity and its (hidden) policies and agenda.Though an analyst, I don't want to examine or comment on its valuation. Many I...

Forget Your Password? Social Login Is There to Help

This blogpost first appeared on Social Media Today. ======================= Janrain and Gigya Ease the Pain of Password Amnesia with Social Login, While Providing Rich Profile Data to Publishers and Brands No doubt you’ve visited some of your favorite websites and forgot your password. And we all know that the ‘Forgot your password?’ is still an...

Lotusphere 2012 Touts Social Business -- But What about Social Media?

This blogpost first appeared on Social Media Today. ============================ Lotusphere, the large business conference produced by IBM, kicked off in Orlando, Florida this week. The term and evangelism behind ‘social business’ was everywhere – and palpable. According to keynote speaker Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM’s Collaboration ...

4 Reasons Why Yelp Will Win Out Over Foursquare

This blogpost was first published in Social Media Today, October 18, 2011,  Two months ago, a friend of mine up in Austin had a bet:  who could make it to Elite status on Yelp faster.  He won, besting me with 50 reviews to my paltry 21.Yelp, the site for user reviews, mostly of restaurants, has grown exponentially.  There ar...

Nest Egg: What Twitter's $8 Billion Valuation Means to You

The article below was first published in Social Media Today on July 21, 2011.   With Twitter about to close a two-stage $800 million round of funding, as reported yesterday in the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog, one might ask:  what are they going to do with all of that cash? According to several sources, roughly half will be used to ca...

Why Twitter Wants TweetDeck - and TweetDeckers - So Badly

Rumors swirling this morning about Twitter’s $50 million acquisition of TweetDeck have everyone, er, atwitter.Fundamentally, Twitter has finally realized that its development partners have continued to innovate while the company’s basic interface – – is oddly low-frills with frustrating functionality. TweetDeck and other ‘social media e...

Lending a Helping Hand: What Happens When Your Friends Start Asking for Social Media Advice?

A few weeks ago, friends of mine who own a small business in downtown San Antonio’s Riverwalk area, casually asked me, “Jake, can you help us with our social media?”  So on a Monday night, I agreed to come over and help them. My pay:  a steak dinner. They own a small shop, En Fuego Sauce & Salsa, which they started last year.  Granted, these two ...

Can I Help You? Social Media Isn't Just for PR People

Admit it:  we’ve all taken out our aggressions on the airlines, restaurants, cable companies, and cell phone providers by posting something scathing on Facebook. But did you hear anything back? Companies continue to struggle with how and where social media fits in to their existing Contact Center and Customer Service operations.  Every company re...

Highlights And Takeaways From The Integrated Marketing Summit

Last week I attended and spoke at the Integrated Marketing Summit, co-presented with the Online Marketing Summit, in Dallas. The event offered a full day of 16 sessions and 29 speakers. Following are some highlights and key takeaways. >> The morning started out with a keynote titled “CRM on Demand: Connect Sales & Marketing, Drive Revenue, Reduce ...


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