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Why Google Oogled Groupon

With a price tag of as much as $6 billion, someone has finally taken Groupon seriously. Flashcouponing, crowdsourced bargain purveyor Groupon is finally having the last laugh:  according to the New York Times, Mashable, and other sources, it is in the midst of a nearly $6 billion deal to sell itself to Google. I've written on Groupon before, and ...

Have You Hugged Your Blog Ad Network Today?

The following article was published on August 2, 2010 on Have You Hugged Your Blog Ad Network Today? Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare dominate marketing and media news headlines today, but let’s not forget the folks who lit the match that started the social flame: bloggers. “Blog readers are a special breed–they’re the propagators and ...

The CEO Is Your Friend: The C-Suite and Social Media in 2010

The following excerpt appeared in the January 2010 issue of Marketing Watchdog Journal.  For the full article, please click here. The C-Suite to Take a More Hands-On Role in Social Media in 2010 From problem child to child prodigy, social media will clearly be the most watched, discussed and measured portion of the marketing and communications mix...

NFC - Near Future Concerns

Wave a wand and the doors will open.Assuming you have the right software in the wand, enough credit, the wand is a Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile handset and the doors are subway entrance gates.Also, assuming that a commercial system is in place.Far? Possibly. Far fetched? Not quite, with more than a hundred pilot projects conducted across t...


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