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2014: Ubiquitous Connectivity and the Internet of Things

2014 is set to be the year when the focus of both IT buyers and IT sellers, shifts to the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2014, more data will be generated by machines (‘things’) than by human beings. This creates enormous opportunities: To analyze and use vast amounts of data. To store data and source application functionality in/from the cloud....

Mitel and Aastra Merger: Market Impact and Implications

Today, November 11th, 2013, Mitel and Aastra announced plans to merge. Details of the transaction are available in this press release. Here are some of the highlights: Aastra shareholders receive 3.6 Mitel shares and US$6.52 in cash for every Aastra share. The cash and stock transaction has been valued on closing at approximately CAD$392M. Usi...

The View from Belmar: Sandy, Disaster Response, and Limiting Future Events

My wife and I live in Belmar, New Jersey, and from our home we can see the beach and the ocean. It is hard to find a more pleasant place to be. That is, except when those same waters bring disaster. Like one year ago when Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy smashed into our community, and many others in New Jersey and New York, causing death and destruction...

UCC Solution Review: Pexip Infinity Video Conferencing

In the months since InfoComm this past May, startup cloud video conferencing infrastructure provider Pexip has quickly established a market presence. The privately funded company was founded in 2012 by ex-Tandberg staff, including execs, programmers, sales, marketing and other personnel. It was at InfoComm that Pexip had its coming out party. The ...

Goodbye Siemens Enterprise Communications, Hello Unify

October 15th was the day that Siemens Enterprise Communications retired and Unify was unleashed. The name “Unify” conveys the mission of the company to truly unify communications and collaboration among enterprise users. In a time where tech companies make up words and use mixed capitalizations in their logos with sheer abandon, it is actually refr...

Avaya Messaging Service Fills a Gap in the UC&C Application Stack

“Kids these days, they would rather text than talk on their phones.” As a member of Generation X, I can attest that this sentiment is becoming our generation’s equivalent to “Get off my lawn”. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the rules of personal and business communications are changing. We’ve all seen the stories that have been written about the Mil...

Sonus and the SBC Market Embrace Their Virtual Future

After talking to the folks at Sonus about today’s announcement of their SBC SWe (Software edition), I couldn’t help but see that session border controllers are following the same historical path as other technologies that lived on dedicated hardware. Session border controllers, like PBXs and application delivery controllers before them, are example...

Citrix Gets Aggressive in Collaboration - Launches GoToMeeting Essentials

Citrix unveiled several new developments for its SaaS business at its annual industry analyst event last week. Besides a new UC client and a fun whiteboard app, one thing that caught my attention is a new go to market approach and pricing for its successful GoToMeeting product. Though the web collaboration market has changed drastically over the la...

Sept. 11, 2001: When Offices and Business Travel Became Obsolete

It usually takes a major life-changing event, like a disaster, for one to realize they no longer need what they thought necessary. The methods and processes once regarded as essential are instead dispensable. Such is the case with formal offices and business travel. Despite the attempts of senior management at firms like Yahoo! to keep workers on-...

Project Ansible: Looking Beyond UC into the Future of Enterprise Communications

On July 16th, Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) announced Project Ansible—SEN’s vision and technology evolution roadmap for the future of enterprise communications. My colleague Mike Brandenburg who attended Siemens Enterprise Communications’ analyst event already wrote about this initiative in as much detail as he was allowed to provide at t...

Siemens' Project Ansible: Science Fiction Becomes a New Enterprise Reality

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with the folks from Siemens Enterprise Communications as part of their Analyst Summit. The two day event focused on both where Siemens is today, as well as throwing back the curtain a bit on their vision for the future of enterprise communications. An initiative code named “Project Ansible” was ultim...

The Connected Car: Driving New Opportunities for ICT Suppliers

The nexus of cloud computing, high speed mobile networks, big data and ‘The Internet of Things’ is creating huge opportunities to transform entire industries. From the healthcare industry to the automotive industry, we are on the brink of a surge in innovation, driven by ICT advances. Organizations no longer view ICT as a way of increasing product...


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